Fat (video) Tuesday – Aboyne

Our Amigo Illya is back with a clip from the Scottish Highlands. We haven’t shared a Fat Tuesday Video recently, so its always nice to back into the groove! I can think of no better way to get back into the groove, than with a clip from Scotland! Here’s what Illya had to say about this episode of Fat (video) Tuesday,

A spontaneous weekend to Aboyne on the east side of the Cairngorms national park. Go few miles west and you will come across the small town of Ballater where the Queen’s Scottish residence resides. Go further west and you will enter Braemar and the interior of the Cairngorms plateau.

It was the first time we visited Aboyne so we looked forward to explore new trails. It just happened that weekend a cold front moved in bringing welcome snow. The trails we found were mostly double track with a few singletrack off shoots and given the conditions it was fortunate as this made ascending hot work. It made the descents al the more fun though. It is definitely an area we shall revisit given the OS maps showing a network of trails that extend out in to the hills. The quality of the trails surfaces would make bike pack travelling quite fast.

It was also a weekend we planned to make another video and try out filming with a drone. What we did not consider until we got the drone out was the landing and taking off the drone in snow and knee high heather which was something we had not considered and proved a challenge to our flying skills and where we could use the drone.

The film is a good reflection on what you will find in the area and the trails you can find there. We explored only a small fraction of the network of trails.

All the best.

Do You Dance the Wild and Fat, Video Dance?

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*this could be a slight exaggeration

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