Fat (video) Tuesday – Throwback to 2009!

Let’s take a stroll back to 2009 at re-introduce our newer readers to the the documentary film by Carl Battreall entitled Fat Bike! This week’s Fat Video is a blast from the past! We first shared Carl’s film back in 2013 and it’s been viewed over fifty thousand times and we think that it’s one of the true treasures of fat-bike history.

Add Your Contribution to Fat-Bike History

You can add your own fat bike video to over five year’s of Fat Tuesday Video Presentations, (300+ videos) that we’ve shared here at fat-bike. All that you have to do, is send us a link to your video and a few details about who’s in the film and where it was shot and the next thing you know, your film is up on the small screen all over the world. Send your email to uncle and we’ll roll out the groomed snow carpet!


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