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People that follow the history of fat-bikes, know that Fatback has written many of the chapters, in the book of fat-bike innovation. Fatback is still currently one of the most innovative fat-bike brands. To add to the long list of products that Fatback makes available to the fat-bike word, today they offer¬†their carbon cargo fork for fat-bikes. I’ve been asking for one of these and I know a few others that have mentioned that a carbon fiber fat-bike fork ¬†with cargo mounts would be a good thing. Today that good thing is available!

The Spec’s

Color options: White or Black graphics on Matte Black Carbon
Axle to crown: 470mm
Fork offset: 46mm
Weight: 680g. +/-20g
Steerer Tube: Tapered – 270mm(uncut)
Spacing: 150X15mm
Mounts: Anything cage mounts, rear facing for better visibility and balance
Axle Style: Sram Maxle Stealth
What’s Included: Fork, Axle, and compression plug and top cap.

MSRP – $499

corvus fork cargo eyelet detail

It just so happens that we just received a Fatback Corvus, that has one of these forks installed and we’ll be putting that bike (along with it’s innovative fork) through the wringer over the next few weeks. The green is not an aftermarket colorway, but our OE fork has the same cargo cage eyelets. Another pretty cool detail is the front brake cable housing attachment points built into the left leg of the fork (photo below). Look for more about the Corvus very soon, right here at fat dash bike dot com

corvus fork zip tie detail

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