The Black Ribbon Bike Hour – Show #1 – with Special Guest Wanda Kennedy

Evan on Hank

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Evan on Hank
Evan on Hank

The Black Ribbon Bike Hour is a new podcast that rubs the seedy underbelly of bicycle counter culture. Our new show breaks through the fat & fabulous, to include all sorts of bicycle hi-jinks. In preparation for these situations, we’ve sought out bicycle weirdos, for decades and,over time, the Bike Black Ribbon Society expanded (like a virus). About once a month, our network of chapters will be coming on the show to share our brand of peculiar regional cycling events and culture.

This week’s Premier edition on the Bike Ribbon Bike Hour is brought to you by Surly Bikes. Steel is Real and every bike that Surly sells in made from 4130 cromoly steel. Get Real – Ride Steel – Get a Surly. (see that banner ad at the top of the page?) Click that sucker and you’ll be whisked to

Get Ready for a pangalactic cycling universe that bypasses your cochlea and directly stimulates your ventral tigmental area. Your amygdala is probably already ramping up for the amount happiness you are about to partake in. Find a safe space, lay down, and be prepared for anything.

Chris's Sexy Pub Crawler
Chris’s Sexy Pub Crawler


– The Bike that you Ride to the Bar


The Manitou Mastodon at the Taipei Bike Show
The Manitou Mastodon at the Taipei Bike Show

– There’s a New Fat-Bike Suspension Fork in Town


– brought to you by Mountaineer Brand Beard Oilbooze

– Gnomez – What to do when confronted by another beardo

– Chris – “I listen to metal everyday and only sometimes have a beard.”

–  Evan – “My beard’s name is Bruce and we get weird looks all the time.”

– Dave – No more e-bike complaints…welcome “d-bikes”!

– This Week’s Beer Selection – Lakefront Brewing Smash Ale

– The Scotch Dave didn’t share – Balvenie Double Wood

Forget about E-Bikes - we talk D-Bikes
Forget about E-Bikes – we talk D-Bikes

SPECIAL GUEST – Wanda Kennedy!

Click the Flyer
For More Information – Click the Flyer

– Wanda Kennedy – 6th Annual Iowa City Tweed Ride

– The Q7 Top 5 Rides for 2017


It’s Called “The Dutch Reach”. Parents…teach your kids the Dutch Reach.

photo courtesy of Hydrobikes
photo courtesy of Hydrobikes

Now that we have a show where we can talk about any kind of bike, we can hop on our HydroBikes ( and spin on down the river, like pedal powered otters or perhaps a merganser.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for the show, send them to us at




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