Black Ribbon Bike Hour – Show #4 – Top 5 names to give your saddle sore this summer!


Chris Daisy, along with Dave, Gomez and Ernesto are in the studio for the show that Podcast Digest called pure (censored)

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Wardrobe for tonight’s show has been provided by Romphim.

THE Local Scene

Desert Dispatch with Nate W.

Ordinary Bike Shop – Tucson, AZ –

Song by Black Teeth


Gnomefest 2017 – a Gnomanifesto

Black Ribbon Liquor Cabinet 

Maestro Dobel Añejo Tequila –

Firestone-Walker’s Fortem Leo vs. Ursus –

HBO’s new show – Tour de Pharmacy


It’s a sledgehammer

Black Ribbon Safety Mtg. – Top 5 names to give your saddle sore this Summer!

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