Mud Shovel Fenders by PDW

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We’ve all had one of them rides, where your behind is caked in the remnants of the terrain you’ve just rode your fat bike on. Well, Portland Design Works may well, have just the answer, in letting you take a seat at the bar without looking like you’ve spoiled yourself, in the Mud Shovels! 20170422_125232 20170424_181537
I’ve been lucky enough to keep my rear clean and mud splatter free thanks to these wonderfully crafted fenders. I did question the usefulness of these when I first opened the box, as they are very lightweight and flexible, but this is what makes the Mud Shovels a success. Once you ‘pop’ them out of their template packaging, you simply bend along the lines and apply the button fasteners. After a few minutes of popping them into shape they are extremely rigid and hold their shape perfectly.

The front fender attaches to the downtube with thanks to the plastic clip with rubber straps which should leave the frame rub free. The rear fender is attached to the seat post by using a well put together clamp.

Once fitted the rear fender measures a whopping 24 inches from the seat post and 6 inches wide. The front fenders does a fine job as it comes in at 19 inches long by 7 inches wide. With numbers like that you can see why these are called Mud Shovels!!

As a bonus, what makes these a winner from me, is that in just a few seconds you can un-pop them and put them in your back pack with the attachments still on your frame.
Most of my test rides with the Mud Shovels were down on the coast at low tide.
They performed as you would expect given the sizing of them, very well indeed! They worked wonders at keeping most of the wet sand off the bike and off me! What did catch me out though, was when dismounting the bike, you had to be careful not to catch your leg on the rear fender as they are so long. However, they are easily adjusted back in just a few seconds.


So to finish off the PDW Mud Shovels are a great asset to have if you ride in a muddy or wet part of the world, as they do exactly what a fender should do. They have kept their shape and haven’t moved from their original position.

So are they worth having for under $50, hell yeah!


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4 Responses to Mud Shovel Fenders by PDW

  1. Jim May 2, 2017 at 9:09 am #

    Love mine, the rear fits snugly under my Wren Onerack

  2. Larry May 3, 2017 at 8:45 am #

    I have used Mud Shovels since they came out. Easy application, as well as to custom fit / trim to sneak it along the underside of a rear rack. But the orange branding label is a bit much on that color. I want people to be drawn to the looks of my Fatbike not a bold orange label.

  3. Dean May 4, 2017 at 6:19 pm #

    My rear fender constantly slip’s no matter how tight I get the attachment . Love the protection hate the dropping onto back tire. Not a rookie !

    • Brad May 9, 2017 at 1:12 pm #

      Dean – If you have any early version (3+/- years old) there has been an update to the seatpost clamp. This might be what you need. Contact customer service and they’ll get you straightened out. I have the original and the update was an improvement but still not good enough if riding rough terrain at speed. I ended up hacking up one of the mounts and adding a metal hose clamp. Wrap the post with an old section of tube and it locks on nicely.

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