Wallpaper Wednesday – Canadian Mutz


Our long lost amigo  Cpl. J.D.(Jeff) MacFarlane of the Red Deer City, Royal Canadian Mounted Police out in Alberta, sent us a few shots of his new Foes Mutz out for it’s shake down cruise. This is what Jeff told us about his new ride.

Hey Gomez

Just wanted to send you a couple pics of a 50km (31mi) ride I did this past weekend. Finally had this Mutz out for a good long ride on dirt and it lives up to all the good things I’ve heard about it. This beast is going to see a lot of miles this year. It’s a perfect fit for me they way I have it set up. This was all just cross country trail system from this day but the climbs I did have were easy to scale with the range on this bike and it’s a very comfortable bike on everything I’ve hit it with so far!! Looking forward to a long dry season with this machine!

Cheers to you and the crew!


This is going to be remembered as the Summer of Dual Suspension Fat-Bikes. Are you curious about dual suspension fat-bikes? We’ll be testing a few this summer. What bike are you dreaming about building and riding this summer? We’re planning a Summer Contest so let us know what bicycle that you currently covet and we’ll see what we can do. Drop me a post card at uncle Include your mailing address and we’ll send you some sweet stickers.

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  1. Wade May 17, 2017 at 10:23 am #

    Sweet fatness going on in Canadia!

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