Fat (video) Tuesday – Trippy Tuesday

Paul Scott just started his journey as a film maker. I’m a fan of this sort of thing. Triptastic Techno n’stuff. This is how Paul describes his clip.

The first of a series of short ‘rushes’ created using clips from Blue Coo MTB members rides. The clips used in this little multi-layer test edit were captured while trying out various cheap ‘action cameras’ during a brief spell of dry sunny weather in Ayrshire, Scotland. Just a couple of nutters having a bit of fun on a pair of VooDoo Wazoo Fat Bikes. Riders: Hairy Paul & XC Wayne. Music is from a club mix of ‘GO’ by Moby. Music Copyright: Moby. Video Copyright: Blue Coo MTB. : Whatever bike You ride, just get out there and have fun!

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  1. It was awesome – AND THEN DOG NOSE!!!!! that took awesome to a whole notha level!

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