Product Spotlight – RSD Sergeant 27.5+ – By Andy Amstutz

Ah, summer….finally.  Time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the family.  Time for reunions and trips to the beach.  Time for some happy home owner projects and a good book.  And of course, shred up some soil at the dirt church and roost some gnar in the woods.  But for the next couple months it won’t be on my own plus bike.  Nope, captain of this mothership, Gomez, set up for RSD Bikes to send me a Sergeant Aluminum 27.5+ hardtail all the way from Toronto, Canada.  When the bike box finally arrived, I was hoping for Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart to jump out.  No prog rock trio.  But what I got was almost just as good…take a quick gander here.

After checking out the build kit and specs/geometry numbers you’re probably just as impressed as I am with what RSD has put together for an MSRP of $2199.  It’s way different than what I’m used to swinging a leg over.  I’m not sure I’m going to know what to do with 150mm of travel on a Pike since my regular rig is fully rigid.  I’m definitely planning on hitting the single track moto trails just east of town.  They’re pretty rowdy for this neck of the woods and this bike looks like it wants to get rowdy.  But, being the science teacher I am, I will practice what I preach and  test objectively.  The Sergeant will see many hours on the 40 miles of local singletrack I know better than the back of my hand.

So this is what I’ll be showing up at the trailhead with for June, July and August.  I’ve been riding 29+ for 4 years and am stoked to see how 27.5+ compares.  With RSD spec-ing the Sergeant with a reputable drivetrain, braking system and front fork, I’m anticipating some great hits as I move through The Trees like Tom Sawyer. My full review will be coming up later on this summer.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing more on this – the Sarge looks like a super fun bike.

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