The Weekly Dose of Fat – June 2nd 2017

My Breakfast Stop this morning in Lake Mills, Wisconsin

Is it….Late Spring? or early Summer? It’s June and right on time the June Bugs are here. With so much daylight to play with, there’s lots of time to get out on the bike! Things are really cooking behind the scenes, with riding, camping, testing and all kinds of events coming up this month. We thought we’d give you an idea of what we’re seeing come through the shop and what we have in the hopper for testing.

Lake sent us their brand new MX400 Winter Cycling Boot for testing. I took a shot of it alongside the boots from Keen that I’ve worn for the past two winter’s and my goat, Seth. There are some really nice features on this boot, like two toe studs for ice dancing. I’ll be testing these out, so does that mean that I have to start using clipless pedals now? I see a pair of eggbeaters in my future and I’m afraid.

Jamis Dragonslayer Pro

We have a couple of new Black Ribbon Test Pilots in the ranks. Bruce Smithhammer is currently testing a Jamis Dragonslayer Pro 27.5+ Steel bike out in Idaho. We debuted Bruce’s first article about the bike just yesterday. Bruce is going to run the Dragonslayer through the ringer and out into the Idaho back country for some bike-packing trips and report back with a full review.

Destro’s Ti RSD Sergeant

Joining in on our Parade of Plus Bikes, Andy Amstutz is going to be testing the RSD Sergeant 27.5+ hard tail over in Michigan this summer to review and host a couple B+ tire reviews along the way. I spent part of Memorial Day Weekend with my Amigo Destro, that just built up a Ti RSD Sergeant and that bike is gorgeous! (photo above)

Aristotle Peters

Junp’n Aristotle Peters is back in the test pilot saddle with a Carbon Framed Marquette with both 29+ and 27.5+ carbon wheelsets, so he can compare and contrast the shredability of all of the new wheel/tire choices available to consumers of bicycle products today.

Nick Hozem is another new member of the Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilots and Nick is going to be testing a Framed Carbon, Dual Suspension fat-bike with Carbon Fat and 27.5+ wheelsets for a full review. In addition to all of that radness, Nick also will be testing the Manitou Mastodon suspension fork on the Montana in a 3 part series.


Puck and I are both building fat-bob trailers to take on a beach back-packing trip in August. There’ll be a fat-bob shootout article about all of that. We’ll also be recording another live broadcast of one of our shows at a bike festival down in Zion in August. We’ll have details to share soon.

We also just received a custom Frame Pack from Backcountry Stitchworks that I just took bikepacking over night, just yesterday for the first time. My plan is to recon our Michigan beach trip and make some runs down to Kettle Moraine with the Fatback Corvus that we’ve been testing to complete a mid-term report later this month. I’m also starting my second season of roof top tent camping with a Tepui Tent and I’ve made a few small tweeks that have really made my roof-top tent shine. A full report later this summer. On top of all of that, (no pun intended) we have a vibrant and growing blend of podcast shows in production. Summer is here and the time is right for adventure and FUN! Let’s go play bikes!



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  1. Jon Witkowski September 18, 2019 at 5:29 pm #

    Did you guys end up doing that Framed Montana review referenced above? I can’t find it anywhere.

    • Gomez September 19, 2019 at 8:17 am #

      We never published a review of the Montana Jon.

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