The Weekly Dose of Fat – June 9th, 2017


Yes, yess….Hot summertime fat’a’plus bike funskis are happ’nin! I just invented a word there and broke every spelling and grammatical convention that the spelling/grammar police hold dear. I’ll have to get working on fat’a’plus t-shirts…..after I properly, celebrate the ruination of las puntas de spelling and grammar. This week, I’m testing a new frame bag from Backcountry Stitch Works and took the Fatback Corvus (along with the BSW Bag) on a 50 mile over night camping trip down to the Kettle Moraine State Forest.  I’ve got a few bike touring adventures on the horizon that my trusty Hammock Tent isn’t very well suited for, due to a lack of trees on the beach, so I’m trying out a new Sierra Designs Summer Moonstone 2 tent. But enough about what I’m up to, lets get to the rest of everything that went down this week.

A few of our amigos are up in Canada getting ready to start the Tour Divide race down to old Mexico – Buena Suerte to everyone out there! We actually received two plus bikes for testing this week. Andy over in Michigan, un-boxed the RSD Sergeant 27.5 Plus Bike from Toronto Canada and he’s probably tearing up Big M trails as you read this. Aristotle received our test Framed Marquette with 27.5 and 29 plus wheels, so we’ll look forward to seeing what he thinks about which wheels he likes best…..aaand, We just received the Montana full suspension carbon fiber fat-bike from our friends at Framed. Local racer, Nick Holzem from MKE will be putting that bike through it’s paces over the Summer


When I visit a trailhead these days, I see lots of folks riding fat-bikes and a growing number of plus bikes, all living in harmony with every other sort of bicycle that you can imagine. I’ve even begun to see an e-bike here and there. So it shouldn’t have surprised me, when I spied two fat-bike races, near the World Headquarters, but it did…..or maybe that was delight disguised as surprise. If you want to rub elbows with Bike Black Ribbon Society members, you should take a gander below and check your summer calendar to see if any of these events whip up any interest,

Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee – Millywonka – Willy Wonka Themed Booze Cruise

Click the Flyer for more information

Hugh Jass Fat Crit – Milwaukee Wisconsin – Hammerschlagen!

Click the Flyer for more information

Summer Squatch – Levis Mound – Neilsville Wisconsin

Click the flyer for more information

Levis Chalet Update

Construction of the New Levis Chalet Started this week.

The Levis Chalet has risen from the ashes! They still need your help! The improvements to the NEW chalet are a part of a fund raising effort- with 5K to go! Racer and non-racers can help here:; or here:; or win a FATBIKE and help the chalet!

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