Fat Camp Show #24

Just a small slice of heaven while on a recent Fat Camp bikepacking excursion

Ken and Andy are back from spring hiatus for episode 24 of FatCamp Podcast.  For this 24th edition of the camp the guys keep it moving straight forward and rarely veer off topic.  Let’s face it, life gets complicated and practical reality slaps us in the face every once in a bit.  Luckily, the dynamic duo has scrounged up an hour of slightly entertaining discussions

Where the heck you been guys?

  • Andy’s garage is stocked with product testing item
  • Ken shares his article about Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney: Ebony and Ivory
  • Kens adventures
  • Wind River Vaca
  • CO trail
  • Leadville: What tires you running Uncle Kenny? Heck, tell us more about the tandem for race mode.
Fatty tandem becomes a plus bike for the Leadville 100

Recent Mindset:  Heart S*&@ and what not

  • Eagle is in the house!
  • Party Time for 2.6in tires.  The happy Medium
  • The Camp goes BIKEPACKING, sort of…
  • Back to tires, tires and more tires

So there you have it.  FatCamp is back!  Don’t forget to shoot us an email at fatcamppodcasters@gmail.com or check us out on the Instagram at fatcamppodcasters

Till next time….thanks for listening

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  1. Thanks for the podcast! Totally agree with anyone who says they miss the fat camps!

    Question for your next show; What does it take for a bike to switch from fat to plus in tire clearance. I’ve not pulled the trigger on a fat bike, but the idea of going back and forth is attractive since I can’t afford one of each right now.


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