Ready, Get Set, BE BLOWN AWAY !

Be ready to be the fashion plate of fat biking! TASCO refers to their Double Digit mini kit as the perfect combination of coordinating gloves and socks. I would certainly concur.  Let us start out with colors…  These are well thought out. They look great in the parking lot while the bragging is going on and just as hot on the trail. I did test out two mini kits. The Red Camo and Blue Check Mate. Both made me feel like I had jazz hands and I loved every minute of it.   Currently there are five unique mini kits available with the latest launch of the Indivisible Red White and Blue. Super cool folks.

Now getting to the tech review. I ordered the XS size. Prior to a wash the glove was a little large. It had a touch of extra length and a width to it.  Being as excited as one should be I went ahead and rode the glove and then tossed it in the wash with my gear. I was in hot and dry my stuff (yeah yeah yeah) and the glove came out perfectly sized.  So listen up readers they do tighten up after the first wash. Ladies, have no fear order XS and you should be good to go if your hand is close to my size. It is a unisex product.  Socks same thing. I wear a 9 in ladies and with one or two hot washes it took a bit of size out of them.

What about the gear K8, ok here we go ! Socks. LOVE. What do I love ? Great elastic top, Not too tight but just right. Length of cuff, just perfect. I appreciate the length can keep debris out of my ankle area while riding the trails. Currently the trails are pretty overgrown from rain and warm temps so this helped my legs from getting cut up a ton. Also appreciate the ability to keep ticks from around my ankle and shoe area.  Really love the seamless toe and heel area. I switched between flat pedal shoes and my mountain bike shoe and sock felt great in both. It does not slip around or twist on your foot when your really giving it your all and best of all, there is not smell developing from the fibers. LOVE LOVE LOVE that.

Now for the glove, in my opinion there are great features to these gloves. First and foremost is the soft snot wipe area of the thumb. A true must have for all riders in all season. It is a brushed fiber that is super soft. Second most awesome feature, no Velcro. LOVE. Slide on, slide off, and you are back on the trail before a mosquito can even come near you. These gloves fit great around the wrist. Again I had size XS.  It fits perfect. Velcro closure in my opinion always fails, whether it is bad stitching and after time and time again of undoing it fails, or it adds numbness to the wrist with many miles on the grips and bars. These are very freeing!  And last but not least, the pointer finger and thumb digit grip fiber. So helpful in many ways. I found that I did not have to take my gloves off to access my phone in and out of a ziplock bag. That is huge ! You get great dexterity from having the grip on both gloves and both fingers. Lefty or righty they have you covered. Zipping up anything, grabbing for car keys, even opening valve stems is a piece of cake with these gloves.

So long story short, like I said if you want to be the fat biker with latest most bad ass attire that has everyone drooling check out TASCO MTB at –

Kate Sizing Guide

From wrist to tip of middle finger  7 1/2” long and width I am at  4” wide just at the base of my thumb to outside of pinky width. Wrist is 7 12/” around.




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