Wallpaper Wednesday – Fort Monroe

James Gipson sent us this week’s Wallpaper image. Ya’know the reason that we call this series “Wallpaper Wednesday”, is to provide our readers, with a steady stream of free bike porn* to adorn their computer’s desktop; and presumably, left click and save and then set that image as your desktop backdrop.  I’ve always been curious how many people do just that. So if you do download this week’s wallpaper, take a picture of your desktop (with this week’s image) and email it to uncle with ‘wally’ as the subject and we’ll award 3 of you a schwag bag from our amigos at Vee Tire! For those of you that have read this far, one last tidbit about this week’s photo – James shot the photo inside the walls of Fort Monroe in Virginia.


Join the Bike Black Ribbon Society

Have you ever thought about joining a bicycle cult?…..I mean club….er….gang. Well all you have to do, is send us a picture of you, or your friends, enjoying the laid back flavor of fat-bike funskies and if you supply a mailing address, we’ll send you out some sweet stickers along with your membership in the Bike Black Ribbon Society. Next thing you know, you’re standing around a bonfire along with various members of the tribe….maybe drinking and ice cold Zima. We accept videos as well as photos and pictures or videos that include dogs, gnomes or goats earn triple bonus points. Send your cards and letters to uncle

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