Wide World of Bikes – Show #3 ♦ (Amplio Mundo de las Bicicletas – Programa Número Tres)

Episode Three of Wide World of Bikes

On today’s episode, Carlson and Dusty are on location in beautiful Deer Valley Ski Resort in Park City Utah. The show starts out going over episode two and the intricacies of running a bike manufacturing company like Canfield Bikes. We then transition to talking about fitness and how two guys with kids and jobs are supposed to stay in shape!? Dusty interviews a world renowned professional mountain bike trainer, Lynda Walenfels, to get the answers we all need. It turns out that if you put your kids in a trailer on the back of your bike and climb steep hills, you’ll get in shape! Who knew?

Special thanks to Lynda for taking the time to give us her sage advice! Also, thanks to everyone who tunes in!

Don’t forget to give us any pointers or suggestions you might have for upcoming episodes.

Ride Hard and Ride Fast!

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Otso Voytek at the Hurricane Sand Dunes in Southern Utah

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