Fat Camp Show #25 — How to change the Geometry of your Fatbike


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The Fat Camp is back again for another techy discussion of fat and plus bikes and this time, it’s all about geometry.  No, not the class you had to take back in high school, where you sat next to smartest kid you could find, so you could pass the class.  We’re talking frame geometry and how to possibly improve your ride.  For the most part, the show revolves around a listener’s question and KBS takes his response on a long ride, verbally.

So while Uncle Kenny is out on the Colorado Trail and Andy is stalking neighbor’s old bikes, give this show a listen and see how simple or complicated it is to adjust your geo with a few…. or several tweaks of some of the bits on your bike.





  1. Ken and Andy, you guys are my Plus and Fat bike tech gurus and I hope that there are many more Camps to come. I ride a 29er Plusbike and I’ve got a couple of tire questions. First, are there any 29 x 2.8in tires out there? I hear a lot of buzz about 2.6in tires but not 2.8in. Seeing how many 27er Plusbikes now come stock with 2.8in tires, I’m still hoping to try 2.8in on my 29er. Second are there any 29er Plus tires that you think would make a good winter snow tire? I ride year round and the lightly knobbed trail tires I ride in summer don’t provide much traction on snow.

  2. Thanks Mark! We’ll make sure to address your questions and comments on the next podcast. With the brains of the show out in CO for another week, I can’t provide a solid response without Ken’s cranium.

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