Tribal Thursday – Reader’s Rigs

The dog days of summer brings the return of Fat-Tribe Thursday. This is where we like to show off some of the photos sent to us by our readers. We’ve been getting so many great photos in from out in the field that we thought we should go ‘old school’ and share a few. Let’s get right to the photos!

Our first couple of photos are from our old friend Jeffrey MacFarlane


Good morning to Fat-bike crew!

Just thought I’d share a couple photos from my weekend. I have been putting on the miles on this Mutz this summer and putting it through the paces and it’s been absolutely solid and a lot of fun to ride. While riding this weekend I rode through the local mountain bike park, jumps, bridges, roots and gnar. No problem at all. As the wind down on the way home goes, I rode a gravel trail around the perimeter of one of our local golf courses and had an encounter with a tree branch on the trail, it stopped me about 20 km from home and left me walking! Just thought I’d share the pics of this nasty little stick!




Our next shot was sent to us from the desert Southwest by Orry Hatcher. This is what Orry had to say in his email.

Here’s a shot of my surly wednesday in it’s summer setup, plus about 4 liters of water hiding out in the framebag. Out for a ride at about 5:30am as it’s the insane heat of the Arizona summer. Looking forward to moving back to the cold and snow, but with this setup the fattie also rips in the dusty loose rocks of the Sonoran desert!

Y’all keep up the good work.


Up third, we have a photo from Dave and she’s a beaut! Here’s Dave’s story about his photo.

Hi uncle Gomez,

Really enjoy keeping abreast of all things fat on your website. Keep up the good work! I’ve attached a photo of my Sonder Vir Fortis fat bike for possible inclusion in your Wallpaper Wednesday. The shot of my Vir Fortis was taken on the island of North Uist. A very remote, sparsely inhabited island off the west coast of Scotland in the outer Hebrides. Due to it’s remote location it gets relatively few tourists which means you’ve pretty much got the miles and miles of pristine beaches to yourself and is perfect for a fat bike. I picked up the Vir Fortis at Christmas and couldn’t wait for my spring holidays to come around to explore the Uist beaches on my fat bike. To be able to cycle along pristine, white sandy beaches with the turquoise coloured Atlantic Ocean on one side and the mountainous sand dunes on the other with only the gulls for company was a incredible experience. It’s amazing where these bikes can take you.

Kind Regards



Batting, clean-up is Nick Serbian with a shot of his son up in Marquette. This is what Nick wrote.


I just wanted to take you up on your sticker offer and Bike Black Ribbon Society membership.  Attached is a picture of my son (Luke) from our recent trip to Marquette, MI on the NTN North trails.  What a great place.  He is on his Specialized Fatboy 24 which he loves riding year round.

Love the site and podcasts, keep it coming.



Our last photo for today is from John Paull from Pennsylvania!


Hey, I’ve attached a couple pictures of my most recent ride to Frick park in Pittsburgh, PA.  I got my Fatboy a couple of months ago and I get out riding every chance I get.  Many people stop to ask me about my bike with comments like “I thought those were only for winter.”. My usual reply is “most fun I’ve ever had on a bike…” Whether climbing slowly or shredding a downhill I always have the biggest grin on my face. I hope I’ve encouraged at least a few people to stop at their lbs and test ride a fatbike.

And sorry the pic quality isn’t better, my phone camera is terrible lol.


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  1. Frick Park is amazing! Had my 2015 Norco Bigfoot there a couple of months back. Great Flow.

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