Wallpaper Wednesday – Bikes, Boats and maybe a goat

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I know that this week’s WW, doesn’t fit your monitor very well, but if you set your desktop image, drop down menu to ‘fill’, you won’t be disappointed. We pulled this shot from the archives and digitally enhanced the original vinyl pressing from a trip over to Grand Haven, Michigan, where we took a Ferry from Milwaukee to Muskegon and rode the beach down to Grand Haven for wet burritos and copious amounts of beer and Bob Seger (It’s a Michigan thing). This is a shot of Liisa, (we call her Lisa with two eyes) riding out on a submerged sandbar, in the good old days, when we had lower lake levels. That was a crazy fun weekend and we’ve got a reunion tour planned for the first weekend in October. It’d be cool if we could all get together and do a huge beach ride. The plan is to take the high speed ferry from MKE to Muskegon and then ride the bikes to camp somewhere. That leaves all day Saturday to go for a big group ride and then on Sunday we make our way back to Muskegon for our return to the big Whiskey. The trip is being spearheaded by our amigo Puck, under the banner of the Westallica Chapter of the Bike Black Ribbon Society, so we predict a high level of awesomeness. It’s called the Bikes, Boats and maybe a goat….and the dates are October 6th thru the 8th. So if you don’t mind riding with a bunch’a cheeseheads you should come and join the fun. Jump on that facebook link for details.

Do Your Pixels Have the ‘RIGHT STUFF’?

Fat-bike.com is looking for some hard hitting, tough as kevlar, dirt hungry, beer guzzling, super….um….rad  pixels. All formed into a visual poem that both warms the heart and makes your pulse run a little quicker. If you have, or have seen, pixels that put a good light on people having fun with their plus or fat-bike, with shenanigans (bonus points), please send them to uncle gomez@fat-bike.com. Folks that share their pixels and include their mailing address get stickers and a two day membership in the Bike Black Ribbon Society.

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