2018 Fatback Corvus FLT News Release

We’ve been waiting for this news since Greg and Fuzzy told us that Fatback would be making a Black on Black Corvus FLT, all the way back at Sea Otter in April of this year. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review the 2017 Corvus frame this spring/summer and I fell in love with that bike. We’re looking forward to taking possesion of our very own ‘murdered out’ version of this finne machine, next month.



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Refined and perfected the Corvus(Crow/Raven) FLT frame. Anchorage AK. Fatback is stoked to release the all-new Corvus FLT, upping the ante on the world’s finest, most imitated fat bike. Built on backcountry endurance racing, the Corvus has dominated the record books in the Iditarod Trail Invitational (ITI), and explored remote corners of the world. The FLT moniker is the gold standard in fat bike performance and is now available in the Corvus. Fatback is vigilant in their quest to produce the finest, most stable handling bikes in the industry, never settling for good enough, substantial refinements to the Corvus frame keep it far ahead of the competition.

We put the Corvus on a diet of high modulus carbon fiber and baby kale for 10 months, and the results are great! The frame lost over 250g and is 15% stiffer in the bottom bracket and head tube compared to the current Corvus. Triglycerides are down, BP is down, and at only 4% body fat, the Corvus has never felt better! Where others save weight by eliminating practical options such as rack and bottle mounts and even paint, those are deal breakers for us. The Corvus is the lightest fat bike frame available with a threaded bottom bracket, 3 bottle mounts, rack mounts, and Anything cage mounts on the fork. This bike craves a good flogging, whether racing or exploring the backcountry.

Brand manager FuzzyJohn Mylne took the Corvus FLT out on the raw and remote Oregon Timber Trail this summer for some fully loaded punishment. “Each obstacle I encountered from steep climbs, fast descents, through the roughest most unrelenting rock garden of a trail (for 35+ straight miles), rarely a foot down, and never a loss of traction, the Corvus FLT proved to be the most balanced and capable bike I’ve ridden”. With so many options for tire/wheel size on all the Fatback Bikes, I spent hours trying to decide if I would ride 29+, 26X4”, 26X4.8” or even 27.5X fat. In the end, I chose 26X4.8” and not once did I think anything else would be better”. We still prefer to offer the tried and true 26” wheel size, due to more complete tire options.

The Corvus FLT will be available mid-October 2017 in black on black & red on black. Completes starting at $3699 with a 1X11 drivetrain. Along with the new Corvus FLT, there is a new orange/ blue color palette for the Corvus and Rhino FLT models.

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