Black Ribbon Bike Hour – Show # 8 with Special Guest Paul Price

Show number eight, opens a new chapter for the Black Ribbon Bike Hour. Evan & Chris host the show and welcome (new cast member) Dee to the Radio Pgm. There’s one thing that never changes on the Black Ribbon Bike Hour….and that’s the exploration of cycling’s seedy underbelly and the psyclo-centric, counter culture, conversations that emerge, from said explorations….wait, that’s two things. Show #8 has all of that and an interview with Paul Price from Paul Components ; plus the ‘one and only’ Chewy calls into the Cloud Factory Studios to appeal Gomez’s two show suspension for high sticking. So crack a beer and get ready to enjoy the cool island vibes of the Black Ribbon Bike Hour – numero ocho.


Black Ribbon Liquor Cabinet

Tighthead Brewery – Irie IPA –

Surly’s new Sunrise Handlebars –

Oddity Cycles.  Razorbar  –

MKE underground bicycle events for the month of October

Pussy Cat WTF Alley Cat Race – Rocktober 7th

Milwaukee Tweed Ride – October 14th Bayview

Cycledelic Forest Bike Prom – Oct 20th

Biketoberfest Brewery Ride – October 21st


Evan racing his Klunker at the Beulah Boogie – photo by Jim Knobbe


The Peep Hole’s Court with Judge Dread


Bike Fetish – Anodising!

Taste the Rainbow


Black Ribbon Safety Meeting

Protect thy Palms



Single Speed Culture with Paul Price from Paul Components

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