Fat Camp #26: Bikepacking the Colorado Trail, Part 1

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Ken and Andy are back in the studio with the skinny on everything fat (or plus). Fat Camp show #26 starts out (as usual) with a little nugget of tech talk that involves Velocity and Stans.

That’s about all the tech you’re going to get with this show.  You see, the brains of the podcast (Ken) decided it would be a good idea to warm up for the Leadville Trail 100 MTB by riding the 500+ mile Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango.  Genius, eh?   The spleen of the show (Andy) has a million (or maybe like a dozen-ish) questions about Ken’s adventures and you can follow along with a (gasp) slideshow that features all the statistics you’ve always wanted to geek out on.  This show is the first installment of a two part series discussing what it was like to ‘through-bike’ the Colorado Trail and then do Leadville.  This, as some of you might surmise, was not your average vacation.

This is where Ken and Andy might have added their email address (fatcamppodcasters@gmail.com) or a link to their instagram (@fatcamppodcasters) so you could become further engaged in their podcast. Or they might have written a nice conclusion, like : Tune in next month to listen to Part Two of Ken’s report on “What I did on my Summer Vacation” in Show #M27 and perhaps closed with “happy trails” or any number of alternate, salubrious, colloquialisms.

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