Fat (video) Tuesday ♦ Cairngorm Tour 3 (Scotland) – By Illya Rudkin

Fatbike Cairngorm Tour 3. This is the third weekend sortie exploring another glen called Glen Edendon. Like the first tour up Glen Tilt ( it runs from the southern edge of the Cairngorms north. The plan was to ride its entire length and do a U turn at the top in to Glen Feshie. However like always we under estimated the progress due to river crossings and boggy bits. Made a little more difficult by not being able to see a path in the boggy areas. A good thing using fat bikes is it makes it possible to ride soft grass water logged ground relatively easily provided there is ground underneath. Get it wrong though and you will likely end up with a boot full of water or worse stinky mud. With experience you get to know when to walk around or ride through. Generally the ground is more stable where you can see heather. The singletrack was a pleasant surprise as it was straight forward to ride most of the time. This valley is very different from the others we have visited with its narrow and steep sides mixed with broader valley bottoms. As you will see (or not see as they are very very small) when the wind was not blowing the midges came out in force. We had not experienced such an onslaught since our bike packing trip to Sandwood Bay last year ( But this time we were prepared hence the comical black nets we were wearing in the evening. A new bit of bike packing kit for this trip were the straws for drinking our coffee or whisky while we wearing our midge nets. A last minute inspirational idea. Enjoy and thanks for watching.
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