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We’ve gone digital in the shop and out on the trail with a couple of new gadgets from our amigo, Dillon at Lezyne and the fine individuals at Prestaflator. I’m referring to the digital gauges on our favorite tire inflation devices, of course. Let’s launch this new (to us) product smorgasbord with Lezynes intergrated digital gauge upgrade.

Lezyne Micro Floor Digital Drive HVG

We’ve done a fair share of pump tests and we’ve reviewed the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV and XL pumps here and here. Last spring we saw Lezyne’s new digital gauge upgrade at Sea Otter and we’ve been using the new guage upgrade on our Micro Floor Drive HV for about a month now. Replacing the standard hose with the new hose is about as easy as it gets. Once the new gauge hose is installed, press and hold the start button and after a brief moment the display comes on in Klingon and then a nice large number zero appears. The readout is large enough for people who need reading glasses to see. I used the new pump at a beach ride down in Zion and it took all of the mystery out of going from soft sand 3psi to gravel cruising 8psi. It probably won’t work at arctic temps, but I guess we’ll see come this winter.

Check it out at –

Prestaflator Digital – Multipurpose Bicycle Inflation Tool

Instead of doing the sane thing and buying the gasket rebuild kit for my old Prestaflator air tool, that I use in the shop, I sprung for a new unit with a ‘digital’ gauge. I looked at the Park Tools inflation head, but I like the extended hose on the Prestaflator head and I have a nice Silca Presta air chuck for it, so eighty bucks later, we have complete digital air pressure gauges across the board, from sea to shining sea, etc. It features a nice large digital readout and an auto on/off sensor that makes it as easy as the old analog gauge. The presta chuck that came on the new head, works so well, that I haven’t swapped it out for the Silca chuck (yet). Prestaflator has some pretty cool tools on their site as well.

You can see more at

Revelate Designs Washboard Strap

So next up in today’s product circus are some straps from Revelate Designs that will take your Salsa Anything Cage to all new levels of awesome. We first showed you straps that are similar to these in last summer’s ‘Gnome-Proof Gear Series‘ and now the godfather of bike bags, Revelate Designs has come out with the Washboard Strap. A stretchy, rattle free, urethane strap for basically…anything & everything. If you strap things onto your bike – your life just got easier. We also picked up a pair of Revelate’s new Feed Bags abd the new ‘Flip Top’ Gas Tank bag that make tidy work of any bike’s cockpit storage area, but we’ll feature the new bike bags in their own post, because they’re both total bad asses, all on their own!


Get yours here –

Effetto Mariposa CafeLatex Sealant Injector

Want to up your tubeless game? We do, so we grabbed a new Sealant Injector from CafeLatex. See that brass valve connection and the larger volume reservoir? That means more sealant per injection and less leakage than what we deal with, while using our old stan’s injector that we’ve been using for the last few years. Want more sealant in your tire and less of a mess on the shop floor? Order one of these bad boys and your ride buddies will be coming to your place to give their tubeless tires their sealant fix.

More from the folks behind CafeLatex here –


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  1. Cafe Latex sounds cool but I have not been satisfied with its performance in road, mountain or Fat applications. Stans is better.

    • better injector – not better tire sealant – I agree with you about CafeLatex sealant. I’m a Stan’s Sealant fan. That’s what we buy for use in our shop.

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