Wallpaper Wednesday – “Le Coquibus”

Ahh….the French Countryside in Autumn. Today, we set the wayback machine to the year 2012 and take a sample from our voluminous archives. Our destination is the Fontainebleau Forest, in France, for this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday. Take a close look at those tires…what other bike zine shows you a hand-made, one off, steel, fat-bike rock’n spider tires? The bike was built and the photo taken by Francis M. Here’s what he had to say about his photo.

Hello !

This is a picture of my first fatbike ride….on the bike (that I) built myself…..the action takes place in France, in the incredibly beautiful Fontainebleau Forest! The exact spot is called “Le Coquibus”. It’s unreal to find a mountain landscape one hour from the Capitale . I hope to see snow here this winter !!!

Regards from France !

Francis M

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One Response to Wallpaper Wednesday – “Le Coquibus”

  1. thub September 27, 2017 at 11:04 am #

    This rocks! Not many people can say they built their own ride. Where do I score a set of those sweet ass tires???