Fat Video Tuesday – Heartbreak Ridge – by Illya Rudkin

Heartbreak Ridge Ballater – Sublime ice age granite ridge

You know when you think you know a place? A place which is a few hours away from home but you have ridden there enough times to do most of the trails on the map you think worthy of your valuable time. But as you stop to take a breath to take in the views you look out over hills and think “I wonder if there are trails over there”. You may see hints of potential trails but not enough to convince yourself and commit your limited weekend time to waste looking for trails that may or may not exist so you continue riding the old favourites? Well the trail in this video is one such trail. This trail was not on our trail map. I got the name and short description in exchange for mentioning another trail we rode the day before in the same area, the Green Mile, shouting out you should ride this it is awesome. The trail is this video is awesome too. It is an undulating trail of smooth grippy granite islands linked together by the more expected and traditional heather blanket that covers the hills at these elevations. The nature of this trail we have not experienced before in Scotland, quite unique. The only other time when we have come across similar rock was when we mountain biked in the Felle area of Norway.

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