First (& Second) Look – Surly Edna 26 x 4.3 Tire

Our amigos at Surly recently added a new fat-bike tire to a legendary list of names like Bud & Lou – Nate – Larry and now……Edna! I’m a fan of the name, because of my bat-shit crazy, Great Aunt Edna. One of the Darting Sisters, on my mother’s side of the family….each one crazier than the next. We learned from sources within the Surly organization, that factions within the hive, wanted to name the tire Barb; but then Barbegazi came out and ruined that. Our source(s) went on to say “Barb is a big, loud, belligerent lady, always sitting at the bar, that doesn’t take shit from anyone.  She’s the first person to threaten a dude and always takes the first swing.  She’s a bonafide bad ass!.”  Much like my crazy Aunt Edna.

*The first set of tires that were sent to us were a set of sample proofs that were sent to us in error. We’ve had this happen before with other tires, when we get pre-production samples upstream of the actual production tires, which take time to come over in a large shipping container from the far east. When Surly read our previously published weights of eighteen hundred grams, they contacted us and immediately sent us a set of production tires in the retail packaging, that is in the photo (below).

When we learned that we had weighed an unrepresentative set of sample tires, we took our post down and waited for the replacement production tires to arrive. We remeasured everything and those corrected numbers are below. We apologise for posting misleading information, based on measuring those sample tires. We always try to get things right and give our readers honest accurate information and that’s why we’ve updated the data collected from the production tires. It looks like Edna went to weight watchers between the time that the sample tires were made and the production tires came out.

We weighed the production version of our Edna tires on our Park Tools Digital Scale and the 2 tires came in at 1383 & 1376 grams. When we laid the tire out flat the bead to bead measured 245 mm and the tread to tread was 125 mm. When we mounted them to a set of 80mm wide rims the casing was 109 mm wide and the tread was 110 mm wide. We also mounted them on a set of 90 mm wide rims (photo above) and the casing was 113 mm wide with the tread coming in at 111.5 mm.

We posted a photo of Edna on our Instagram the day that the tires arrived to the shop and there were dozens of people that were calling Edna a big fat Nate. I mounted up a Nate and an Edna, on the same 90 mm rims, so you all could see them side by side. (photo below)

Edna comes with a folding (tubeless ready) bead and a 60 tpi casing. Surly designed Edna to be an all around, do anything and everything, aggressively knobbed tire, right in the sweet spot between 4.8 and 4.0 tires. Perfect for a Wednesday or any day of the week. We’re going to have one of our local legends, Ron Stawicki, test this set of Edna’s on his Surly Wednesday from now until the snow flies and twice on Sundays. Ron’s a fast dude that makes it all look smooth and easy, so we look forward to seeing what kind of trouble ‘the Ronsta’ can get into with this new set of sneakers

This last photo (above) shows Edna (middle) mounted to an 80 mm rim, along with a new Husker Du (the dirty tire on the right) mounted to an 80 mm rim, and a Barbegazi (far left) mounted to a 100mm rim. So this one’s like Barb and Edna sit’n at the bar, next to some punk rock dude, on quarter shot night, at Liquor Lyle’s. Edna’s getting ready to pick a fight with Barb and the dirty punker, all at the same time. We’ll have a full report coming up  – soon after the snow flies!

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3 Responses to First (& Second) Look – Surly Edna 26 x 4.3 Tire

  1. Erv Spanks October 18, 2017 at 9:47 am #

    With Aunt Edna upfront and cousin Nate bringing up the rear, looks like a nice pairing!

  2. David October 11, 2020 at 2:43 pm #

    Will it fit on a Ritchey Commando? DT 710 rims.

    • Gomez October 11, 2020 at 3:00 pm #

      How wide is the inner dimension of chainstay on the bike in question? How wide of a rim are you mounting the tire?

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