New Product Showcase – Tifosi – Surly/Problem Solvers – PDW

New products are always moving through the shop and this month, we’ve got a bumper crop of new accessories, do-dads and sundries, to share with you all. Let’s start out with a pair of new products from our amigos at Portland Design Works!

PDW Fatty Object

I predict that you’ll see a lot of these strapped to fat-bike race rigs this winter. The new PDW Fattie Object is a 38g CO2 inflator that claims it will get a 26 x 4.8 up to 6-7 psi or add 20-22 psi to a 29 x 3.0 tire. The inflator fits Presta or Schrader valves and features an oversized control knob that’s easy to operate even while wearing gloves. We have a few of these out in the field and we’ll be testing them throughout the winter.

PDW Mud Shovel 6.5

Bigger, Fatter and just as easy to instal, describes the Mud Shovel 6.5.


We’ll be putting this bad boy to the test over the slurmy, slushy fall, to see if we can paint it, with the mosaic of dirt, that our original Mud Shovel has encrusted on it, in the photo below. You can check out the updates PDW made to the Mud Shovel 6.5 in this side by side comparison. The new Mud Shovels are only available at REI for a meer $24!

Learn more about all of the fine products from Portland Design Works at –

Surly Other Brother Darryl Tubeless Kit

I spied this over at the Surlyblog and if you own a set of Other Brother Darryl Rims, your excuses for not running tubelss just got smaller. The kit includes two Surly nylon rim strips, a roll of Whisky Parts Co. tubeless tape, two tubeless valves, and two Problem Solvers Super P-Nuts.


Check out all the Surly goodness here –

Problem Solvers Super P-Nuts

I’ve been making the accusation that the tubeless valve, is the weak link, in this phase of the tubeless game, so when I saw Joel’s post about the OBDR tubeless kit above, I ordered a set of Problem Solvers Tubeless valves with Super P-Nuts. I hope that they’re an improvement over what we’ve been using in the shop.

The black knurled Super P-Nut allows the valve to be tightened easier and hopefully that lends to a better seal around the base of the valve. We do a lot of tubeless conversions on the bikes that we test, so you’ll see a report on how this solution works on a variety of rims, coming soon!

Check out the solutions from Problem Solvers at –

Tifosi Davos Sunglasses

I have to admit, that I’m a fan of Tifosi glasses. I’ve worn quite a few sets of their Mast sunglasses over the years. I keep on losing them to a variety of mishaps, but I keep coming back to Tifosi, because they provide serious performance eye protection at a reasonable price point. I find that the light sensitive Fototec lenses work well in a variety of light conditions and I also like the extra venting built into the lenses, to help with fogging.

Top Row - Mike, Berta, Jeff ~ Bottom Row - Bethany, Ronsta, Puck

Thanks to (top L-R) Mike, Berta, Jeff (bottom L-R) Bethany, Ronsta, Puck

I shot some candid photos of these glasses on some crazy people that I know. Cuz the most important thing about a pair of sunglasses is how cool they make you look, right? Everyone that tried them on, said they felt really good and a few, tried to talk me out of them, which, I guess, is a pretty good endorsement.

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  1. mikeetheviking October 23, 2017 at 7:25 pm #

    Another tip for tubeless valve stems.

    Simply use 2 nuts on each valve stem. The 2nd nut will serve as a locknut and helps with keeping things secure.

    Tip 2:

    Use “RTV” “silicone” like you would find at an auto parts store, inside the rim, smear enough to create a good seal between the rim and the bottom of the valve stem.

    Both solutions are easily serviceable but do a good job eliminating valve stem problems.

    Tip 3:

    Always carry an extra set of valve stems and cores, in case you break a stem bushwhacking or your core gets clogged with sealant.

  2. Erv Spanks October 24, 2017 at 8:20 pm #

    Thanks for the Pro tips!

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