The Weekly Dose of Fat – Halloween Two Thousand Seventeen

Salsa Blackborow – Hell’s Kitchen – Kettle Moraine – Rider is Dan Price

We’ve been enjoying an impressive string of warm dry autumn days, that are tailor made for riding in the dirt. I took a sub 24 hour bivy, this week on our Salsa Blackborow out at Kettle and rode Levis and Silver Lake on the Specialized Fatboy Expert. Those bikes are both currently keeping me busy in the test lab. Riding the loaded Blackborow on singletrack is a blast and I may have a new favorite fat-bike tire, in the form of the Specialized Ground Control 26 x 4.0. It’s one of the fastest rolling, moderately knobby, fat-bike tires that I’ve ever tested. They’re like the old Husker Du’s, in rolling resistance, but with better cornering traction! We also converted the Surly Krampus that is being tested by Spinner, over to singlespeed in the shop this week. But…enough about what’s going on in my little corner of the world….

Here’s what’s happening in the Plus and Fat-Bike News

 Hugh Jass #2 Grand Geneva

Click the Pumpkin for more info


The Largest Pulk seller in North America, has come out with a pulk system made just for fat-bikes. SkiPulk is located in Central Minnesota, where there’s a pulk in every igloo. The owner of SkiPulk, Grant, shared that the new fatbike pulk would be ideal for backcountry travel, winter camping, little kid transport, ice fishing, etc. MSRP on the new Fat-Bike Pulk starts at $290 and you can check more options at –

Our amigos at Revelate designs just updated my favorite set of (lower48) full coverage pogies, the Williwaw pogies now have a zippered vent and a new bar end plug that allows the pogies to quickly be installed or removed without any tools. They also have a new inner bar, foam baffle and attachment straps to seal out any drafts. We just received a set, this week, for testing. Check them out at

Rim Nordic Bike Park in Big Bear is gearing up for the California Fat Bike Championships to be held this year on Sunday, Dec. 3rd, 2017 – XC and DH racing –

The company that rhymes with design (Lezyne) has introduced  a line of brass bells that look and sound promising. Lezyne makes our favorite pump, high quality bicycle tools and now they bring all of that design and manufacturing expertise to the bicycle bell. You can check out how they sound here and you can learn more about all of their other cool bike jazz at

Global Fat Bike Day Celebrations

East Lothian – UK –

Point Beach State Park – WI –

North Wales – UK – (12/3) –

Nebraska –

Estonia –

Lahti, Finland

Cedar Falls Iowa –

The Peak District – UK –

En Yaute, France –

Flanders – Belgium –

Bailleul, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France –

Joensuu, Finland –

Domoszló, Heves, Hungary –

Send us the link to your GFBD Celebration and we’ll add it to our growing list! Send your event link to uncle

Mark Your Calendars!

12/1-3/2017 Winterbike Expo – MPLS –


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