Fat Video Tuesday – Kid and Hansi play “Go Fish”

I feel pretty connected to this story, even though I’m not a passionate angler. I’ve known Mike and Hansi for years and we’ve even worked with Mimi Matsuda, the artist that painted the bags, that are featured on the Salsa Blackborow mid-tail fat-bikes ridden in the piece. I’ve even done some bikepacking on a Salsa Blackborow that we’ve been lucky enough to demo. I love the fact that this clip really provided some insight into how much this project means to Salsa’s, Mike Riemer. It’s re-affirming to see someone else, that’s so passionate about fat-bikes, especially someone that’s been in the bike industry for as long as I can remember! Enjoy the video and tell us what kind of adventures you’d take with a Blackborow.

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