Fat Video Tuesday – Crested Butte Fat Bike Worlds

Crested Butte Colorado is throwing their version of the Fat-Bike Whirrled Champ-peen-ships this weekend and it’s an event like no other fat-bike event (at least that I’ve ever been to) Crested Butte is a Colorado mountain town that supports a thriving winter tourism economy and for one weekend a year they focus all of that sweet positive mojo on hosting fun fat-bike competition with a delicious side order of craft brewed beer. This is a spot, where you can get a direct flight out of most major airports, take a shuttle bus from the airport – no need to rent a car – stay in town or up on the mountain – take public transportation anywhere that you wanna go…like one of the wellness centers in town or the grocery store. There’s fat-bike rentals available and trails with a backdrop worthy of a picture postcard. This week’s video comes from the folks that run the race. This version was shot in 2016 and I’m in there for a brief moment.


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