The Weekly Dose of Fat – January 26th, 2018

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I’m headed to the Arrowhead 135 to take in all of the pageantry of ultra-fat-bike racing up in International Falls. You can follow the action on our Instagram @fatbikedotcom for live updates from the race and Surly Checkpoint 3. You can also follow the race leaders right from your cubicle here – I wonder how many fireworks stands there are between Aztalan, WI and International Falls, MN. Have a great weekend – ride your bike – and the forest with echo with laughter! (Zeppelin)


New Stuff

1UpUSA Bike Jacket – Love your hitch rack, but hate when road salt combined with snow, slush, and ice encase your derailleur and brake calipers on your way to the backcountry for the weekend? 1Up USA just came out with some weatherproof fetish-wear for your bicycle. Check out the details here –

photo courtesy of Alpacka Raft

Alpacka Raft’s new Front End Loader, designed as a bike-raft; Ideal for backpackers exploring big adventure – Check out details here –


Here’s something for the odds-makers that are taking bets on our Fat Bike Birkie – Dose of Fat Podcast – Battle of the Sexes – As a preview to their Birkie Race, Leia and Spinner are scheduled for an unsanctioned “Norwegian Rules” Exhibition Race at the Scandi-Fat. It’ll be a Head to Head – Ice Queen vs Viking – Battle Royale (with cheese). It all goes down at the Scandihoovian Winter Fest on February 3rd, 2018 in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin.

Many of the details –


Norway – FAT VIKING – Fatbike Winter Ultra – Geilo, Norway –

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Colorado – Play Fat Bikes for a weekend (February 24 – 25) at Powderhorn Resort in Mesa Colorado! – Saturday evening on the slopes and Sunday morning on the backcountry trails below the resort! More details at


Fat-Bike Race Series from the Great State of MAINE!


More info –

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Dawn Patrol (ME) –

Hugh Jass @ Canopy Race Report –

From Salsa – Simply Propelled – Family Cycling Vid –

Deathrider – Current state of fatventures –

Coast Kid – Winter Sun –

Tour de Kurjenrahka – January 2018 –


45N Dillinger w/studs (on the shop floor) doing some tubeless tire yoga – getting ready to come out of storage and go back to modified active duty

Tubeless Tip – Before mounting a new tire or a tire that has been stored folded (that you plan to run tubeless) you might want to practice some heated tire yoga. Bring the tire inside where temps are warmer (if your shop is heated) and turn it inside-out and lay it down on its side for 24 hours. The inversion helps train any kinks out of the tire’s beads and help the tire cooperate and conform to your rim, making it easier to get an airtight seal upon inflation.


Fat-Bike Event Calendar

We’ve been populating our event calendar with all of the best events from all over the planet. Check it out and if you want to suggest an event for us to add, drop us a line at

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