DMR Lacon Vault Platform Pedals by Kitty

Originally these pedals were bought for a cruiser bike with ‘old-school’ slippery sneaker pedals. Hey, they matched the look of the bike! Just trying to accessorize.  Anyway, they didn’t fit, so I put them on my favorite fat bike instead.  Turns out the fatty is way more worthy of this pedal adornment level. (Don’t underestimate falling off the heavy steel cruiser with the slippery pedals. It’s a big bummer….you go down hard with handlebar entanglement)

This might seem a little late for Tio Gomez’ Parade of  Platform Pedals from earlier this month, but the DMR Vault pedals are well worth the wait! It turns out they’re super grippy…just like I had hoped…(their real true best quality). Combine them with your favorite biking shoes (Five Tens in my case) and you’re feet are not going anywhere. Sticky. Sticky. Sticky. Stickier than a beekeeper’s worst honey mess.

I’ve tried to find the point of disconnect from the pedals while riding, but I’ll have to push it more for that to happen. You could acquire a significant case of “pedal stripes” on your leg(s) once that point is discovered I fear.  You might be a fat biker if you can’t remember the last time your shins didn’t have some kind of wound, abrasion or puncture.

We can’t do a pedal review and not provide some sort of data points so here’s the pedal by numbers summary – Weight: 400g/total weight of both pedals including 11 pins Length x Width:  105 x 105mm – Depth:  17mm

These pedals are wide and a bit concave…giving the rider confidence standing and pedaling over and across everything in your path.  There are eleven pins/pedal so you can fit them to your own tastes, plus or minus, more or less…a couple spare pins and a tiny wrench are included for your convenience. The price varies online like everything else, so shop around.

This gal thinks the second best quality is the Vault’s beautiful “oil slick” finish…it’s both attractive and flashy…they seem to match every bike, in addition to your pet unicorn. The only thing that’s left to do is step up my lip gloss game…

As for the cruiser pedal replacement/upgrade project…tomorrow is another day.

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  1. What a great time to be alive! So many awesome pedal options, so many color choices! That oil slick finish is cool, thanks for the write-up!

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