First Look – Teravail Coronado 26 x 4.0 Tires

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The expedition team of Francisco Vázquez de Coronado is credited with the discovery of the Grand Canyon and several other famous landmarks in the American Southwest while searching for the legendary Seven Golden Cities of Cíbola. Exploration and discovery are two of my favorite things that go hand in hand with turning the pedals of any bike. Maybe if Francisco Vázquez de Coronado had a fat bike with a set of these new tires from Teravail, he would have found the Seven Golden Cities of Cíbola…although the discovery of the Grand Canyon isn’t too shabby. No matter where your search for adventure brings you, the Teravail Coronado can roll you there in style.

The moment that UPS delivered our set of Teravail Coronado 26 x 4.0 tubeless ready tires, I tore them out of the carton and took a closer look. I thought to myself –Those edge knobs look a little like the silhouette of a Shiba Inu. (That’s a bad ass little Japanese breed of dog). I already had my camera(s) out, so right away, I started snapping pictures like a paparazzi.

The new Coronado tires first came up on our radar at the CABDA Show this past winter. The Coronado is also offered in 27.5 x 3.0 in black or tan walls as well as the size that we’ll be testing (26 x 4.0). The tires come in either a Light and Supple casing or a Durable Casing. Our set of test tires are the Light & Supple variety. Teravail categorizes the Coronado as a mixed terrain tire.  A fat tire designed to handle rough roads to beach sand and everything in between. We weighed the tires on our Park Tool digital scale and they came in at 1139/1140 grams. That’s fairly svelte for a tubeless 26×4.0 tire. We took a few measurements before we mounted them up. The bead to bead measured 226 mm and the tread to tread was 121 mm. We mounted the Coronado on an 80 mm wide Reynolds Elite Carbon rim and the casing measured 100mm wide, while the tread measured 98 mm wide.

The picture above shows the Coronado (L) and an original 45N HuskerDU (R) side by side. Both are stamped 26 x 4.0 on the sidewall. The Coronado is 28.88 inches tall at 10 psi.

Chevrons and Siping and Shibas! (oh my)! The center of the Coronado’s tread pattern is a series of large and small chevrons (3.3mm tall). Amid-ships the tread is comprised of blocks with siping (3.5 mm tall) and the shiba shoulder knobs are 4.5 mm tall.

We’re sending this very set of Coronados out to Mason City, Iowa to get ridden by Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilot Seth Bell for a few hundred miles, before sharing our review. Seth plans to ride the Coronados on Sand, Gravel, Pavement, Cobbles, Asphalt, Chip’nSeal, Rich Iowa Black Dirt, Rocks, Smurfs, Grass, Doubletrack, B-Roads, Cow Paths, Singletrack, Deer Trails, River Bottoms, Sand Bars and more. Check back in three fortnights for the full review.

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