Wallpaper Wednesday – Squamish, British Columbia


Alan Young shot this week’s spectacular Wallpaper Wednesday image. Alan shared the story behind his stunning photo (below).

The riders: Joe Purves-Smith, Brian Helem, and Johnny Oshika.

The location: The summit of the Elfin Lakes Trail in Garibaldi Provincial Park near Squamish, British Columbia, Canada which is 1590m altitude. The summit is about 7km in from the start and the trail is 11km long with a 650m elevation gain.

The trail happened to receive 40cm of new snow the day before which made the trail less packed down than usual but visually stunning. High winds just passed the summit had powder blowing sideways and threatening to coat us with snow much like the trees in the image. In fact you can see swirls of blowing snow coming over the ridge. The trail has 2 warming huts for hikers, snow shoers, skiers and of course fat tire bikers! Don’t be surprised if you are a celebrity on this trail when fat tire biking. And don’t be surprised to be hooting and hollering on the way down with everyone cheering you on!  A ton of fun!

Some of our riding circle have fat tire bikes and love riding them all 4 seasons here. Two of our friends joined us by renting fat tire bikes from Flying spirit rentals in Squamish: https://www.

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2 Responses to Wallpaper Wednesday – Squamish, British Columbia

  1. Mike Cizek May 11, 2018 at 7:45 am #

    What a cool looking trail! How long did it take you to ride the 11 km?

  2. Jeremy Young May 11, 2018 at 11:29 am #

    Great Shot! I need a fat bike!