Moons Over My Chamois – June 2018

We asked our crew of contributors and product testers aka: the Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilots a couple of questions about their fantasy bicycle lifestyles and we’re going to share their answers in a new series that premiers, well…today! We asked three questions and asked everyone to send a photo, but nobody sent a photo, so we went to the internets to find some shots to go along with their answers.

The Questions

  1. What do you think we should call this new series?
  2. Where is your dream ride destination?
  3. Who in this whole wide world of weirdness would you like to ride with and why?

Andy Amstutz

1.  test pilot true confessions

2.  dream ride destination is moab….soon the dream will come true

3. I’d love to ride with Lucas Brunelle….dude’s got skills!

Seth Bell

1.)  The Test Pilot Roundtable.

2.)  There are many exotic, far away places… but to be able to take the time away from work and family to do the Tour Divide is something I really want to make a reality.

3.)  Anthony Bourdain.  As someone who has lived a great life and has everything in the world to live for, living with major depression has brought me way too close to the same fate.  I feel like a bike ride with Anthony would be fun, insightful, intimate, and hilarious while balancing debauchery with good food and drink.

1) So Now You Know …

2) New Zealand or maybe the Serengeti

3) I was going to say Bourdain but since that’s been said, I’ll go with Hunter S Thompson


1 – Dirty derailleur confessions
2 – Lima/Peru range singletrack
3 – Van Gogh, so we could chat about that little ear thing that happened

Evan Larsson

1 – Trailside Semantics

2 – Chernobyl, Pripyat.  I know that sounds a bit hot (radiation joke) but I’ve always wanted to ride in a wasteland.  Think about it… Nothing, no people, and animals are just starting to make a reappearance. You’d be totally self-reliant, help would be non-existent, and you’d need a Geiger counter!
Life and death adventure, that’s my dream ride.

3 – Bill Murray.  Have you seen “Quick Change”?  It’s Bill flippin Murray! That would be the ride to end all rides, sober or intoxicated, fun would certainly be had.

Rob Neff

1) It is what It is.

2) La Ruta de Los Conquistadores

3) Don Quixote – 2nd expedition: because why not?


1.  The Men who ride with Goats

2.  Iceland

3.  Ragnar Lodbrok (no reason given)

Ken Blakey-Shell

1) SNAFU (Situation Normal All Fatted Up)
2) From the southern tip of South America to the Arctic in Alaska
3) Gary Fisher (no reason given)

Bruce Smithhamer

1) Moons Over My Chamois.

2) I’d go back to Patagonia.

3) Don Van Vliet. If you know, it needs no explanation.

JP Syverud

1 – Goat Patrol
2 – Crossing Antartica on my steed.
3 – David Gilmour, I would love to ride with my Doppelgänger.

So what’re your three answers? Post them in the comments…

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  1. Allroy July 8, 2018 at 6:32 pm #

    #1-Muddy Mussings
    #2-Burke Mt trails in V.T. (Because everything in Vermont is cool)
    #3- Shawn Palmer the killer clown!

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