The Weekly Dose of Fat – Solstice +1 – 2018

The first full day of Summer and there are literally scads of things happening in the Plus and Fat bike lanes these days. But…one thing that’s not happening is a dose of fat podcast. At least not this month. The next episode of the dose will happen in July. Kristie Fore took the photo above at Bishop’s Beach in Homer, Alaska. I don’t know how your Solstice is going, but my local scene is DANK!


Just yesterday our amigos at Speedway Cycles in Anchorage Alaska suffered a break-in and the thieves got away with a bunch of inventory. Speedway is the home of Fatback Bicycles. Within 24 hours someone also did a smash and grab at The Bike Shop in Anchorage. Keep an eye out for shady deals on bikes and contact Anchorage Police to help find these bike thieves. –

The Trump Administration is considering at 25% Tariff on E-Bikes made in China –

Last weekend, at the Fat Tire Tour of MKE, there was a derby held. The last two riders were on E-Bikes (photo above). One has to wonder how this will affect the glorious Derby legacy in Wisconsin?


The Journey to the center of the mind of one fat-biker –

Hugh Jass Faterium (Tour of America’s Dairyland) –

Bikes and Beer in France –

Wausau 24 –



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