Fourmile Travel Management Area – Colorado – By Scott & Nancy Anderson


Fourmile Travel Management Area: 100,000 acres of “spaghetti-western” scenery plus over 100 miles of dirt roads and trail equals fat biking paradise!

Words: Nancy Anderson
Photos: Scott Anderson

Fourmile is located east of the Arkansas River and stretches north of Buena Vista, south of Johnson Village and up to the Buffalo Peaks Wilderness, smack in the center of Colorado. Fourmile is a motorized recreation destination, attracting 4wd vehicles, ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes on holiday weekends and the summer tourism season. But, September through May, is primo for fat biking.

Click the link for a great Friends of Fourmile map:…/Fourmile-Brochure-FINAL-4.26.17-web.pdf

Using the excellent maps by Friends of Fourmile, you can create any kind of adventure you desire: short or long, even bikepacking is possible, but some things are guaranteed.. there will be climbing, long, fast sweepy descents and stunning views of 14,196 ft. Mt. Princeton.

And Sand!

If you simply want long miles, any combination of the 4×4 roads will satisfy in any season, but Fall truly delivers the most eye-candy per mile.

Fatbiking in Fourmile Travel Management Area

If you’re after more challenging terrain, throw in some of the ATV segments. Those trails literally up the game with narrower tread and steep climbs.

If you’re looking for a techy touch, toss in a bit of the dirt bike singletrack.

Fatbiking the motorcycle singletrack trails in the Fourmile Travel Management Area.

In the Spring, the creek crossings are deep enough to put up a refreshing over-the-head wake

Crossing Fourmile Creek

and Mt. Princeton will be seen in all its snow-capped grandeur.

Of course, Spring also presents muddy, sloppy fun alternating with ice, snow and sand. Since these are roads, no worries about leaving ruts in a trail!

Even when it is full-on Winter across the valley in the high country, it is generally warm on the sunny east side in Fourmile. That makes Buena Vista a ride destination when other trail systems in Colorado are buried under feet of snow.

Fat biking the Fourmile Travel Management area near Buena Vista, CO. Mt. Princeton in the background

For a fat biker, Fourmile is one of the many advantages of living in or visiting Buena Vista. Oh yeah, since these rides can start right in town, they can easily end at one of Buena Vista’s awesome food and/or libation establishments.

For visitor information on Buena Vista visit –

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    Another fantastic Anderson duo report showcasing wonderful Colorado riding!

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