Salsa’s 2019 Fat-Bikes Released

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The new Salsa Fat-Bikes have arrived! Today we’re here to share what will likely be, a hot ticket come this holiday shopping season….the 2019 Salsa Fat-Bikes.

BEARGREASE – completely redesigned for 2019

Beargrease Carbon XO1 Eagle – Kingpin Deluxe Fork – MSRP $5,599

The Geometry of the 2019 Beargrease gets a subtle tweak with the goal of not turning off any of the folks that already know and love the Beargrease. Simply put, longer front/center pairs with a short stem and wide bars…much like the MTB trail bike world. (Progressive Geometry) The BG frame has internal sleeved routing now and a 197mm rear end. The new BG features a 1x specific frame design and a new XS frame size for the shorter folks that ride. The ’19 BG comes with 27.5 x 4″ wheels and is designed to be stiffer than the Mukluk, but with more efficient power transfer…when you think Beargrease…think racing.

Beargrease Carbon GX Eagle – Kingpin Deluxe Fork – MSRP $3,899


Beargrease NX Eagle – Kingpin Fork – MSRP $2,899


Beargrease Carbon Deore 1X – Bearpaw Fork – MSRP $2,299 – BG Frameset – 1,799


All new KINGPIN fork

The all-new Kingpin Deluxe (full carbon) comes with the top two levels of Beargrease. The Kingpin (carbon with aluminum steerer) comes on the Beargrease NX Eagle. The Bearpaw fork is standard on the Beargrease Carbon Deore 1X.

Kingpin Deluxe Fork

Kingpin Deluxe and Kingpin feature:

  • Dual sets of Three-Pack mounts
  • Mid-blade mount for low rider panniers
  • Internal dynamo hub wire routing


The 2019 Mukluk features the same versatile frame as previous models with a new graphics scheme and more importantly, new Kingpin fork offerings!

Mukluk Carbon GX Eagle – Kingpin Deluxe Fork – MSRP $3,999
Mukluk Carbon NX Eagle – Kingpin Fork – MSRP $2,999
Mukluk Aluminum Deore 1X – Bearpaw Fork – MSRP $1,899

Mukluk Carbon Frameset – MSRP $1,999


The 2019 Blackborow gets a new color and the new Kingpin fork.

Blackborow GX Eagle – Complete Bike MSRP $2,899 – Frameset MSRP $1,299

Head down to your local Salsa Dealer for a test ride and tell them your Tio Gomez sent you! For more information about Salsa visit


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  1. Why oh why do all fat bike manufacturers not make frames to accommodate suspension forks?! This years version of the aluminum Muck still won’t work with a Mastadon fork. Too bad. Cool colour.

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