News – 45NRTH Launches 27.5 Vans and Dills

A couple of days ago, our amigos up there in Bloomington (45NRTH) announced that they’ll be offering two of their popular fat-bike tread patterns in 27.5. The Non-studded Dillinger 4 and the Van Helga are available now. The Studded Dillinger 4’s will be in stores sometime in October according to the Q-Mothership.

The two new tires will come in 60 and 120 TPI and be Tubeless Ready.

I’ve been riding a set of 27.5 wheels on my Fatback Corvus FLT (Ten Beers) all summer. Despite what some of you might think, 27.5 is nothing to be afraid of. It’s not a conspiracy theory or an evil curse. The one drawback to 27.5 fat-bike wheels (has been) the lack of tire choices. This announcement helps out the folks that bought bikes that came with those wheels and you have to consider that many of the fat-bikes that you’ll see on the showroom floors of bike shops will be equipped with 27.5 x 80mm wheels.

If you’re curious about the differences between 26″ fat and 27.5″ fat-bike wheels, we published a look at some of the measurements on 4 sets of wheels here. I’m currently writing the review of one of those 27.5 wheelsets featured in that earlier article. Kind of a “What My Fat-Bike did on Summer Vacation” story. I don’t think that folks that have 26″ wheels on their bikes should be worried that their rigs are going to become outdated. The next wheelset that I’m testing is 26″ so fear not – 26″ is not dead (yet).

Our test crew is gearing to get a set of these new tires into some dirt so stay tuned for a full review from our tire gurus.

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  1. Has anyone ridden these yet? I realize they were just released. I am going to be building a set of 27.5 fat wheels soon and feedback on tires other than Hodags and FBF/FBR is pretty sparse.

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