Fat Camp Podcast #34 – The Oregon Timber Trail – Part Two


This turned into a two-part podcast because of how long it ended up being. In the first part of the show, Ken interviews Gabe Tiller who is the executive director of the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance and the primary route creator for the Oregon Timber Trail.

Here is a link to Ken’s geeky summary of his ride of the Oregon Timber Trail in July 2018.

This week, Ken posted some info on about his bike and gear. Check it out –

Here are some additional helpful links:

Oregon Timber Trail Website – This has all sorts of good info regarding the trail, how you can help…

Oregon Timber Trail Facebook Site

Oregon Timber Trail Riders Facebook Site – This has a lot of current trail beta as well as being a great place to ask others for advice.

Oakridge businesses that are awesome and you should visit if you are in the area:

Part one of show #34 is here and check out Ken’s Gear List here

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