Faturday News Brief – Revelate Designs 10 Year Anniversary – eeWings Ti Fat Cranks – GFBD Celebration List

Way back in the day, we used to post a news digest that Sven aptly named the Weekly Dose of Fat. Those weekly posts became the Weekly Dose of Fat Podcast…that briefly morphed into the Occasional Dose of Fat Podcast…which became just the Dose of Fat Podcast that currently is recorded about once a month. What got me thinking about all of that, is a story that we shared below about our long-time amigo Eric Parsons and his crew celebrating the Ten Year Anniversary at Revelate Designs. That got me thinking and I looked back at the fat dash bike dot com archives and yesterday was the seventh anniversary of the very first post that I contributed to the site. I posted a story called Fat-Bike Dreams about a solo trip that I took to Big Eau Pleine up in Marathon County, Wisconsin with my Rohloff’d Pugsley and a thirty pack of Old Milwaukee. Good Times! Over the last seven years, we’ve been truly blessed with so many great contributors that sent us stories from the front lines of where fat-bikes were generating the ultra-smurfy bike fun that (to this day) gives me goosebumps and metric gnome-tons of child-like glee. Thank you to everyone that ever sent in a photo or reviewed a parka or clicked thru and locked into some of the high-quality fat-bike fun that we do our very best to share hereabouts. We also share a special limited time offer to pre-order Cane Creek’s eeWings Ti Cranks that will fit a 100mm bottom bracket shell. We also share a list of Global Fat-Bike Day Celebrations from around the globe.


October 18, 2018: Alaska-based legacy company Revelate Designs celebrates 10 years leading the industry as one of the key innovators fueling the growth of bikepacking.

“As a pioneer and forerunner, Revelate Designs’ owner Eric Parsons, with input from some key endurance racers and explorers, developed many of the systems and bag concepts found on the market today,” explains Steve “Doom” Fassbinder, multi-sport adventurer and early adopter of Revelate bags. “And they continue to push cutting-edge designs and provide the highest quality gear available.”

“We are passionate about what we do, and we focus 100 percent on building innovative bags for real adventures,” explains Parsons. “We want to get people stoked on human-powered trips by providing bombproof gear that optimizes their efficiency and flow and increases their confidence.”

Revelate’s rate of growth closely paralleled and spurred the rise of bikepacking and the industry-wide trend of adventure cycling. Fueled first by the advent and needs of fat bike riders, Revelate’s gear quickly became the go-to for grassroots bikepacking racers and riders getting into lightweight touring.

“These races were the driving forces for bag development,” Parsons adds. “Ultra-racing is in our DNA. We got off the ground with the Iditarod Trail Invitational, Tour Divide and other endurance races. There just weren’t any streamlined bike bags available for racers until we made them.”

Eric at the old Garage Studio

Revelate’s garage-grown cottage operation quickly expanded to meet the explosive demand and was the first bikepacking bag company to offer stock, production models, and supply a base of domestic and international dealers. Still sticking to their roots, they have a race-oriented line of gear to be released later this year.

(Check out our story about a visit to the Revelate Garage in 2014 –

“Before Revelate, you had this pile of stuff that you had to figure out how to get on your bike,” explains Fassbinder. “Revelate bags refine peoples’ bikepacking systems; they make space more efficient so you don’t have to worry about or even think about your gear. You can just go. The gear works, and it’s dialed.”

Revelate is the OG of bikepacking bags. You can check out Revelate’s Blog about their decade of innovation here – and see all of their kick ass bags here –

Cane Creek Cycling Components eeWings Fat Titanium Cranks

Cane Creek Cycling Components is pleased to offer, for a limited time, eeWings Fat Titanium cranks optimized for Fat-bike frames. This will be a limited production based on confirmed orders received by Cane Creek by October 24th 2018.
Expected ship dates will be late December 2018.

More Info Here



Northern Italy – Altopiano di Asiago, near the city of Vicenza –

Northern Illinois – Lakewoods Forest Preserve –

West Central Wisconsin – Levis Trow Mounds –

Wisconsin’s Middle Coast – Point Beach State Park –

Pocono Mountain Pennsylvania –

Sarthe (Le Mans) France –

Connecticut  –

Ireland –

Minneapolis, Minnesota –

Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin –

Davenport, Iowa –

Northern Wales – UK –

Lincoln, Nebraska –

East Lothian, Scotland –

Mankato, MN –

Hopkins, MN –

Two Harbors, MN –

Champlin, MN –

Malakka City Malaysia –

Red Deer Alberta Canada –

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    I really like Faturdays! Please keep it up. I love what goes on on It gets me stoked to ride my Fattie and envision long days riding and hazy night under the stars in some far away campsite.
    Get ready for GFBD 2018!

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