Product Spotlight: Burley Coho XC

Burley Design celebrated it’s 40th anniversary this year. The company has grown and changed over the years since, Alan Scholz, co-owner of Burley Bike Bags designed the first Burley trailer to transport his hand-made bags (30 miles) to a market where he sold them each week. Along with the bags, Alan also carried his daughter and the Burley Trailer was born.

The first Burley trailer.

This year Burley Design released the Coho XC, an innovative single-wheel cargo trailer to the cycling community. The Coho XC was the winner of the Eurobike award this year. This award is designed to “acknowledge the most innovative and decisive products to drive the cycling market into the future.”

Burley Design’s Coho XC

We’re excited to be testing Burley Design’s Coho XC, this fall! Our family has previously used Burley child trailers to include our daughter in our many cycling adventures. We have admired the quality, performance, and durability of their products, so much that we began a relationship with the company as ambassadors last winter.

The Coho XC arrived on our doorstep this past week. It was easy to assemble and our initial reaction to the trailer is that the quality and detail of the trailer are impressive.

Some key features of the trailer are:

  • It has coil-spring suspension.
  •  The hitching system allows for quick and easy installation and removal from a wide range of bike types.
  • The height adjustable kickstand keeps the trailer and bike it is attached to upright.
  •  Removable side panels
  • The cargo bay allows for 70+ liters of storage with a number of strap down points.
  • Three wheel options (16″ x 3″ plus wheel, 16″ x 2.125″ off-road wheel, and 16″ x 1.75″ road wheel)
  • Accessory mounts for bottle cages or other tools.
  • The flag holder can also be used as a bottle opener.
  • The frame and fender/rack are the same height for securing long and oversized objects to the trailer.
  • Tool-free takedown, allowing for easy transport.
  • Aluminum frame

Grocery Getter

Our family will be testing the Coho XC extensively for, with the plus wheel option (16″ x 3″ wheelset).

We will be testing the pannier rack and Burley panniers and dry bag, but will also be designing our own FBJ Creations bags to best utilize the space provided by the Coho XC.

We will be towing the Burley Coho XC on our fat bikes, using the innovative Burley Ballz thru axle, throughout the test. In addition, to using the Coho XC for bikepacking, we hope to use the trailer to make our lives at home more sustainable. We took our first test spin with the trailer on our 16-mile round trip grocery store run.

Look for our full review of Burley Design’s Coho XC trailer in the coming months!

2 Responses to Product Spotlight: Burley Coho XC

  1. Pistil Pete October 16, 2018 at 11:10 am #

    It’d be great to hear how it carries an ice chest.

  2. Allroy October 16, 2018 at 5:24 pm #

    I purchased a Nordic Cab to haul the kids around. It has ski attachments and the bottom of the trailer is essentially a tub. Great for hauling beers and ice when your kids outgrow it.

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