Product Spotlight: Mission Workshop Advanced Projects Seamless Baselayers

Mission Workshop Advanced Project: Seamless Base Layers (MWAP/SBL) [em-wap’-say-bul] are truly one of a kind, with their technological and futuristic appearance, paired with high-performance specifications. I had never heard of this San Francisco based bag and apparel manufacturer previous to when I was asked to test the MWAP/SBL. Mission Workshop is a company that strives to create gear that is, “as tough as it is beautiful.” Based on my first impression of their apparel, they do just that.

Mission Workshop Seamless Base Layers

Jeff Roberts, the leader of the apparel design team, for the company, has a history of designing extremely high-quality apparel, for extreme individuals. He was co-founder and CEO of Masif Mountain Gear Company, “a manufacturer of advanced combat apparel for the world’s most elite teams, including the CIA, Navy SEALs, fighter pilots, snipers, SWAT, FBI, NASA, and other classified units that “don’t officially exist,” before coming to Mission Workshop

When I received the Mission Workshop Advanced Projects: Seamless Base Layers they arrived in a reusable zip locking package, that provided the product specifications and a 37.5 Mission Workshop technology overview. I received, both the Base Layer Bottoms and the Base Layer Crew LS Top, to test. At over 6 feet tall, I will be testing size large for both the Base Layer Crew LS Top and the Base Layer Bottoms. The base layers are offered in size small through x-large. The best features of the MWAP/SBL are the breathability and the seamless construction.

The Mission Workshop: Advance Projects Base Layers have 37.5 technology. This Mission Workshop technology removes moisture as a vapor before sweat can even form. 37.5 technology performs 26% better than traditional performance wicking apparel.

In addition to being above average in moisture wicking abilities, Mission Workshop claims body odor on these garments, after sweaty training sessions, should not be an issue. Certain synthetics are known to get a bad case of perma-stink so it’ll be interesting to learn how the MWAP/SBL can handle multiple day odor control compared to wool or alternate synthetic blends.


Medium-weight — suitable for layering and year-round use
Runs true to size
37.5® Ultra-high-performance vapor management technology
Seamless knit technology
Performance features never wash out
Soft – Breathable – Extreme 4-way stretch – Machine washable
60% Nylon w/37.5®, 30% Polypropylene, 7% Nylon, 3% Elastane
Fabric weight: 190 gsm
Made in Portugal

The base layer fabric has a space-age like finish. With such a unique finish, it’ll be interesting to see how these garments tolerate multiple laundry cycles. The layers are machine washable and the non-chemical finish never washes out, according to MW.

I have just begun to wear these layers, as the temperatures continue to drop here in the Tetons. I look forward to testing the Mission Workshop Advanced Projects: Seamless Base Layers, as I train to compete in JayP’s 60k and 200k Fat Pursuits and Grand Targhee’s series of fat bike races this winter. So look for a full review somewhere around the holidays.

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