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In Fat-Bike News: Anchorage has already gotten their first dump of snow and the Fat News is really beginning to percolate. We’re a month out from Global Fat Bike Day and the first wave of fun fat-bike events are already popp’n off this coming weekend..that’s like tomorrow n’stuff. GFBD used to mark the beginning of fat-bike event/race season here on the third coast. That puts us a month ahead of schedule by my watch. This weekend also has the Iceman Cometh Challenge up in Traverse City, Michigan which is a truly kick-ass event that traditionally had been the grand finally of MTB Race Season. In-Step with being a month ahead of schedule, The Winter Bike Expo presented by Freewheel Bikes is this weekend up in the Twin Cities. Click on the event flyer below for details.   We’re waiting for a few of this year’s new Fat-Bikes to come in for testing. We’ll be reviewing the new RSD V4 Mayor, the Borealis Telluride, a  Wyatt Maverick along with something so blingy that I don’t even want to mention it because it might break the internet. Leia, Spinner and I will be recording the Dose of Fat Podcast show #139 next week and the Fat Camp Podcasters, Ken & Andy, already have their next show in the can, so stay tuned to this fat channel for more fat-bike fun!

Public Service Announcement

We’re turning back the clocks this weekend with the end of Daylight Savings Time and that means spending more time riding in the dark. We’ve talked about blinky lights before, but we thought it might be something to remind everyone that isn’t already hip to them, that the life that they save, may be your own. I adopted the use of a set of blinky lights day or night on any rides that include routes where I share space with auto traffic, a couple of years ago, after learning the statistics that support their use. So I’ve been using a set of tiny Bontrager Flare USB rechargeable flashers and this summer they sent us a new upgraded version. Check it out.

There are a lot of choices out there for flashing LED lights. One could argue the most important choice is the decision to adopt their use. If you don’t own a set of blinky lights, go out and buy one, because it can save your life. If you have a set already, consider buying a set for someone that you love and maybe it will save their lives one day. Here is a link to Bontrager’s set of lights that I’ve been utilizing. They’re really small and easy to use. I set up a USB charging station on my workbench to keep them charged and ready to go.

Enve Composites Enters the Fat-Bike Market

ENVE Launches M Series M685 Wheelset and Fat Fork

October 25th,2018–Ogden, Utah, USA –ENVE is pleased to introduce a new M Series carbon mountain bike wheelset and fork designed specifically for fat bikes. The M685 is the latest addition to ENVE’s M Series family and features an 85mm internal rim width in both 26” and 27.5” diameters. The ENVE Fat Fork, like all ENVE forks, is molded in one-piece from steerer to drop-outs, features5” of tire clearance, and utilizes a reversible drop-out chip that adjuststhe rake of the fork allowing for optimized handling with either a 26” or 27.5” wheel. The M685, like all M Series products, was designed and developed from the ground up to meet application-specific ride quality and performance metrics, in this case, fat biking. The M685rim weighs in at 600g and is the widest option in the M6 series family of wheels. The M685 meetsM6 series performance criteria in terms of impact toughness, and durability. As such, the M685 meets ENVE’s durability standards for trail riding, and is equally at home in the dirt as it is the snow. Like all M6 series wheels, the new fat bike wheel features ENVE’s patented Wide Hookless Bead anti-pinch-flat technology that has proven to reduce the likelihood of pinch-flatting tubeless tires by upwards of 50%. “We developed the new M685rimand Fat fork to deliver a better ride experience for performance-oriented fat bike riders. In the discovery phase of this project, we identified the need to keep the rim weight as low as possible without compromising terrain applications, and for a shape that helps shed snow and mud. When we rode the lightest weight rims on the market, their shallow and flat surfaces led to snow and mud accumulation that often added pounds of weight to each wheel. This insight led us to the M685’s rim shape which features steep sidewall angles and a deeper cross-section. Thisrimshape sheds snow more easily keeping the weight low in all trail conditions,” stated ENVE VP of Product and Consumer Experience, Jake Pantone. The M685 also features an ENVE first, asymmetric molded spoke hole design that accommodates for the wide bracing angles created by fat bike hub spacing. The asymmetric internal spoke hole design keeps the spokes properly aligned and as far from the snow as possible allowing for a rim designed with steep sidewalls that aid in preventing snow build-up.

ENVE’s new M685 wheelset and Fat Fork are now available for pre-order and will ship globally to consumers and retail partners by the end of November. The M685 is available as rim only $999 or as complete wheelset built with Industry Nine hub for $2800, while the ENVE Fat Fork will retail for $625.

For more information about the new M685 wheelset visit –

For more information about the new Enve Fat Fork visit –



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