Full Spectrum Cycling Podcast #6 – Cole House Interview – 12-26-18

It is that time again, time for you all to listen to Sven and JK as they discuss stuff on episode #6 of The Full Spectrum Cycling Podcast

  • Holiday continues, happy boxing day
  • Warm weather and riding the city
  • Sven and JK had a Play Day last Monday, Loaded Slate, Zads, Nomad, Uptowner and other points on the compass.
  • Rewind Mike Gift giving
  • Recapping some shit

Shell Track 2018 Recap

Cole House Interview dig what Cole lays on us!

cole house fatbike race at shell track

Something cool on the interwebs! – Tim Knoll!

  • A little about local Tim Knoll and learning in a vacuum

Call-in-line is taking messages! Get in on the action at 717-727-2453 that’s 717-727-BIKE!

What’s Coming up

Our Annual New Year’s Day Roll Around the City that this year is titled “Annual Use of Picture Ride

The 3rd Annual Seeley Big Fat Race Set to Roll on January 19, 2019 ala Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA). The Race is a self-supported, low-key 14-mile fat bike race starting and finishing in Seeley. The race features groomed singletrack and other trails in the Seeley area. There is also a 6-mile option for riders looking for a shorter distance.

Facakta Schedule either next week and/or January 22nd

Greg does a show from Las Vegas?? disclaimer – Some catch phrases may be copyright and those phrases may be derivative of other, more famous people. Please don’t sue us!

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