The Bikeiowa Pogie Lite Review – by Adam Blake

The Bikeiowa Pogie Lite – A Pogie for all seasons

Bar Mitts, Pogies, hand covers… whatever you want to call them, Pogies (true term) have become go-to accessories for fat-bikers, gravel riders, and commuters.  Providing water and wind resistance a good set of pogies can mitigate cold hands. I also always tout that while wearing a pogie you don’t necessarily have to wear big bulky gloves: increasing dexterity, bar feel, and giving you the ability to control the bike better.

L – Madden Midweight Pogie – R – Bikeiowa Pogie Lite

Generally, pogies are focused on warmth, and therefore are big, bulky, and borderline cumbersome.  Many, because of their size don’t let you shift or brake over the pogie, if, say, you had your hands out to actually cool off.  That limits some pogies to the perfect weather… Bikeiowa has created a versatile, lightweight, 3-4 season pogie that shifted the way I think about pogies.

The Bikeiowa Pogie Lite is a multi-season pogie that excels in areas where other pogies fail… but has its limitations too.  Still water and windproof, pogie lites are made from 200 Denier Ripstop. Pogie Lites are NOT your coldest weather pogies, in fact, they can be used in warm weather to inhibit wind and water from penetrating your gloves.  Versatility is the number one word I would use to describe these pogies. I have used them on Jones bars, flat bars, and drops- all with success. The pogies stay in place and are easy to get in and out of in case you need to make a quick exit.  I really really also like the fact that over the pogies I can feel my shifters and brake levers and feel in control of the bike whether in or out of them. In fact, if you are mid-ride and decide you just don’t need the pogies, they bunch up inside of the shifter/brake lever, at least on flat bars, and can stay out of the way while remaining accessible if the wind picks up, or in an unpredictable spring storm.

I really like that I can store the pogies on my bike or in a bag very easily.  I think with the growing segment of bikepackers – these would be a key component for comfort in spring and fall.  Lightweight- weighing only 3 ounces for the pair- they take up a very small amount of space… smaller than a pop can.  I know that on a recent trip in Oregon in October it was 30’s and raining for three days straight. My gloves were saturated and my hands were cold.  I didn’t need a huge bolster for warmth, but the inhibition of water getting to my gloves, as well as a wind block would have been very valuable.

If you are up North, or in a place where the temps really dip these pogies may not be a one-stop shop for you, and something more substantial may be needed in the depths of winter, but I believe that Pogie Lites have a lot of value for many riders.  Even for the cold cold days, they may be just that barrier between the elements and your gloves that you need to elongate your riding time. Recently I paired the pogies with my 45 North Sturmfist gloves in five-degree weather and was comfortable, though I like the feel of a smaller glove and larger pogie. I would buy another pair for my other bike if they weren’t so dang easy to put on and take off… literally less than three minutes.  Also, they are supported by people who use the pogies. They are always testing and pushing the limits of the pogies.

The creator of the Pogie Lite, Scott Sumpter, recently used his pogies at the Triple D bike race in Dubuque Iowa. Temps dipped low during the race and I got this from him: “Using them on triple D today. 15 degrees with a -15 wind chill. They are working fabulously” I believe in that and believe in Pogie Lites.

The Bikeiowa Pogie Lites earn a 4.5 out of 5 gnomes based on usability and perceived value. Retail is $75 and can be purchased from, or at numerous bike shops including World of Bikes in Iowa City…where I’m at!


3 Responses to The Bikeiowa Pogie Lite Review – by Adam Blake

  1. JP Syverud February 7, 2019 at 10:05 am #

    Nice article! I will have to give those a try. I only have a set of the Revelate Expedition pogies and they are always too warm even with a light glove unless it is 0 or colder. It would be great to have a lighter set for the rest of the milder weather. The shifting issue is a great topic to discuss. I have always used grip shifters since the 90’s. I have never had an issue with pogies and shifting with that set up. Plus gx Eagle is just rad when you need some gears.

  2. Chris Sutton February 7, 2019 at 12:42 pm #

    I was switched on to these by Adam – and it was a solid recommendation. They work great on all bars as he stated (I run flat, Jones and drops). Sheds PNW rainfall with ease, and are fairly warm if used in combo with a thicker glove (fall/spring type) when the going gets cold. If you ride in variable weather and conditions, they perform well.

  3. Derik Spoon February 7, 2019 at 1:44 pm #

    I’ve been using these for a year now. I have yet to have an experience where they were not warm enough. I use a summer long finger MTB glove with them. I’ve used them from 9- 35 degrees. Once when it was 9 degrees and windy I decided to use a waterproof Mountain Hardware glove with them because I figured that I would need extra warmth, and boy was I wrong. This day led me to praise my favorite aspect of Pogie Lites. I removed them and stuffed them in my pocket in about 15 seconds. Versatile and packable! I previously had 45nrth ponies, and I could not even use them because they were far too hot.

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