Wallpaper Wednesday – Staten Island

Today’s Wallpaper Wednesday feature comes to us from Gregg Murray from the beaches of Staten Island, New York. Gregg doesn’t mention gnomes in the description of his portrait, but the trained eye can detect the handiwork of these clever little devil’s. Note the classic pointy hat construction at the top of each carefully erected rock cairn. Here’s what Gregg had to say about this week’s WW.

My buddy Zoller and I came across these rock structures on the south shore of Staten Island NY last weekend. Shortly thereafter, as luck would have it, we came across the person responsible for these creations. A nice local gent in his 60s who’s been building these for over 30 years. No particular reason; he just likes to make something out of his surroundings and finds it both challenging and relaxing. These are a few of several such features along a 1/4 mile stretch of beach. He said they are generally strong enough to resist the tides but sometimes he has to rebuild sections after major storms.

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