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Surly puts a lot of time and thought into packaging

Let’s be honest here, Surly is trying a few new things that you might not have expected.  Sure, they’re usually one of the first to get weird when compared to other companies in the bike industry when they introduced fat bikes, fatter bikes, 29+ bikes and fat cargo bikes but it appears they’re willing to experiment with themselves at the same time.  Uh… that didn’t sound right, let me explain.  While you might be fixated on the recently released and controversial “Big Easy” e-bike bonanza, you weren’t paying attention to what Surly’s other hand was up to.  I’m going to let you in on a secret here…  Al – you – mini – uh – hmmm?  Or as some say in an effort to differentiate ourselves for winning the Revolutionary War: Aluminum!

This would be a great improvement for tall people or you weirdos that bang your knees on straight bars

That’s right.  Batteries on bikes is not as weird as it gets.  Surly’s new Terminal Bar is the polished anodized aluminum black sheep of the usually 4130 Chromoly family.  I don’t know much about aluminum except that it is lighter than steel (75g lighter than the Surly Open Bar) and that I’ve inadvertently bought a whole bunch of it.  I use it to conveniently get beer from wherever I buy it to wherever I’m going to share it and drink it.  Ironically, Steel Reserve comes in an aluminum can and if you don’t know what Steel Reserve is, well then congratulations because you are on the right track in life.  But back to the Terminal bar, has anyone ever complained that something on their bike isn’t heavy enough?  If someone ever does that to you, point over their shoulder and yell “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?!”  Then run away as they turn to look.

The Terminal Bar comes in polished anodized silver or black.

Here are some tech specs from Surly’s website:

Material: Aluminum
Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
Width: 735mm
Rise: 40mm
Sweep Angle: 34 degrees
Weight: 400g
Color: Polished Anodized Black or Polished Anodized Silver
Brake Lever Compatibility: Mountain 22.2mm

The longer I stay alive, the more I appreciate curves in life and bicycle handlebars are no exception.  I’ve heard sweeping handlebars referred to as a “cruiser-style” bars, but I prefer some sweep on all my bikes.  It’s a little better angle on my shoulders and little more relaxing for my wrists and maybe the combination of these benefits helps keep my palms from going to sleep on long ass rides.  Well… regular ass rides too, and just rides – you get the point.  The Terminal has 34 degrees of sweep which feels just about right for a comfortable trail or gravel bike.  The same angle as the Surly Moloko bar which I’ve really become comfortable with.  You’ll appreciate the position in lengthy snow endurance races/rides/events/etc.  What’s also nice about sweep is if you’re one of those clumsy weirdos that bangs your knees on straight handlebars, this bar “should” help you keep the rubber side down.

I chose to rise rather than drop

As always, at 735mm this Surly bar comes wide from the factory.  This is presumably because it’s way easier to cut the excess off than weld extra on.  I’m seriously going to bitch slap the next bitch who bitches about factory bar width.  If you don’t have a hack saw, your Local Bike Shop does.  You don’t have a welder, and your Local Bike Shop might.  Even if they do, welding aluminum is tough to do well, so be happy that this bar comes wide and just go see your local shop and have them fix you up.  They miss you.  You should go visit them.  And bring some beer to share.  And tell me when you’re going.  I’ll go too.

I really like this bar and I’ll be throwing it on a few different bikes. I’m look’n at you Big Fat Dummy.  Yes, it’s aluminum which is different for a Surly product.  I don’t know why, and I don’t care so don’t be scared.  Sure it saves some weight even though I’m not very concerned about that.  I like the way it looks and the position it allows my hands, arms, and shoulders on the bike.  If you’re interested in checking one out for yourself, visit your better bicycle retailer that also happens to be a Surly Dealer.

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  1. Awesome write up. Can’t wait to try a set of these. I love my Moloko bars and sweep is always a good thing for the shoulders and wrists. Keep the innovation alive!

  2. Great review Spinner! I’ve ridden the Open Bars for quite a while now. I love their rise and sweep, and especially the bit of flex their steel construction gives, but there is not much room to move your hands around.

    These look great, i like the sweep and because they don’t hook back, with longer grips, it looks like there is some real estate to move your hands around. Noice!

    Thanks for the beta Spinner! Cheers!

  3. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it turned out to be a perfect e-bike bar for me; the rise and bend are just right for control at speed, and it gives some positioning options with long grips or bar wrap.

    It’s really nice when you get the tilt set just right, too.

  4. “I’m seriously going to bitch slap the next bitch who bitches about factory bar width….”

    That is by far the best line I’ve read in a bike review in a coon’s age.

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