Fat Bike The Ridge-Y Cribau

This year’s bivvy a month campaign hasn’t really got going as much as I had planned. In January I managed to get a couple of days riding in the heart of mid Wales on my gravel bike. February saw me ride to a mountain cottage in the local snowy hills which was great on the Mukluk. However as it was paid for accommodation it didn’t hit the ‘guidelines’ of Bivvy a Month.

March came around and I was itching to get out. Near the end of the month a nice spell of spring weather descended on North Wales just in time for the weekend. Once again the Salsa Mukluk was loaded for a night in the hills of Snowdonia. After searching Google Earth I found a spot that could conjure up some spectacular views of the Snowdon (England & Wales’s highest mountain) mountain range. I had rode in some of the area a few times before but I’d never got to my planned destination for a camp, so the unknown awaited me.

I followed a country lane which passed through a few villages which seemed to ooze history. The double track I followed for a few miles was an ancient drovers track which was probably walked by many over the last few hundred years as people worked the land. The weather was as the forecast, clear blue skies with minimal wind. The surface was great for the fat bike as I made my way over the damp track into the valley ahead.

After crossing the small river the going got tough and I made the rest of the way by pushing the bike. The terrain had now turned to tussocky grass, very lumpy and tough to walk a few paces as you had to lift the loaded bike over the tussocks.

As I got closer to the top the sun which had been in the shadows on the way up was now full on in the face blinding the way forward.

As the incline steepened the tussocks were less but with the angle of the hill, the going was just as tough. I kept reminding myself that there could be a magical view from the ridge.

Eventually I made it there, and yes the views were top drawer! After a brief scout about I found a place to pitch the tent before the sun went down.

As the sun did drop behind the Snowdon Horseshoe, the shadows and light changed with every minute and so did the temperature. The evening was a cool one with a cold breeze.

I awoke early next morning with the same stunning views awaiting me. After breaking camp it was time to head back down of the ridge to the old drovers track and onto the forestry.

I headed over to a small lake which I had been to before and I knew it would be a stunning place in the morning sun. After some photo’s it was time to head down the forest track a few to the car for the short drive home.

Despite the hike a bike and struggling the reward was certainly there and them views are what ticks my boxes.

Looks like I better start planning my next one….

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