First Look at New Fork Bags from Revelate Designs and Apidura

We’ve reviewed and used a variety of Fork Bags over the years and this year both Revelate Designs and Apidura introduced new fork bag models that we’re lucky enough to get a chance to test this summer. We’ll be testing the bags mounted to both Salsa Anything Cages and the King Many Things Cage. Let’s take a look at both of the new bags (in alphabetical order).

Apidura Expedition Fork Pack (4.5L)

The Apidura Expedition Fork Pack is a waterproof dry bag designed to attach to any fork cargo cage. The bag comes with two velcro straps that weave through welded eyelets on the bag to attach the bag to the cage (photo above). The bag is made from a lightweight laminate developed specifically for Apidura, the Pack is waterproof and highly resistant to abrasions and tears. A hands-free air valve allows easy compression when packing. The Apidura Fork bag with straps weighs 119g. MSRP – $56

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Revelate Designs Polecat (3.5L)

The Revelate Designs Polecat is a durable lightweight dry bag made to attach to cargo cages. The polecat has a 3.5L volume and is made from 210 Denier ripstop nylon double side laminated with abrasion resistant TPU Hypalon reinforcements. The bag also features a Urethane coated webbing daisy chain to run straps through to secure the bag to the cage or the fork. The Polecat weighs 110g with no straps. 166g if you add a pair of Revelate Washboard Straps (as pictured above). MSRP = $42

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I’ll be testing these bad boys over the summer and we’ll be back with a full review after a few hundred miles of smiles. Till then, Happy Trail Amigos!

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2 Responses to First Look at New Fork Bags from Revelate Designs and Apidura

  1. Summittoppler May 6, 2019 at 10:44 am #

    Good to see more quality bikepacking gear coming through, nice work!

  2. Dave May 7, 2019 at 5:52 am #

    Really excited to see that you’ll be doing some road testing. I’ve been trying to decide between these for a while, but there isn’t much information from actual use.

    If I understand correctly, the revelate bag is $60 ($42 + $18 for straps) and weighs 166 grams…and the apidura bag is $56 and weighs 110 grams. Is it correct that it’s cheaper and lighter?

    Does the relevate bag have an air vent? Does the air vent matter? I am also interested to know how they compare for stability.

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